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One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday Fashion

Life is hectic at the moment so I am just about getting this in for Friday fashion 🙂


I seem to constantly reference the Irish weather as of late but as we continue to have the strangest April weather I took advantage of the V by Very sale on LittlewoodsIreland and got this cotton jumper for B for only 6 euro and paired with these 3 euro bargain jeans from the last of the Dunnes sale. I am a sucker for elbow patches ,even if they are only there for fashion purposes on little boys clothes . On the jeans the turn ups stitching matches in with the design on the jean pockets, great attention to detail! I have to say this was only my second time shopping online with Littlewoods and within 48 hours I had my order, great service!


Blog lwoods jumper and jeans.jpg


For A how cute are these soft baby pink cords from Zara! There is an adorable little butterfly pin on the coin pocket , paired with a denim shirt from Marks & Spencers and converse and she is good to go.


blog zara cords and m&s shirt.jpg


I’m not seeing much in Penneys lately for little boys ,everything is Tshirts and shorts or jeans in the twins age group for some reason but the girls section needs to bar me with the amount of gorgeousness it is producing.

Take a look at some of these beauties in stock in Limerick right now, the gingham cold shoulder dresses are priced very reasonably.

penneys gingham.jpg

And I am only waiting for a womens version of this kids dress to come out , the embroidery is beautiful on a vibrant red backdrop. penneys red dress.jpg


For myself I spotted this playsuit on the web and wanted to try it in the flesh, have to say it’s a beautiful print up close and great quality. I love the flute sleeves! Sizing is generous, I tried a ten and it was a little loose but there is a tie belt that nips it in a bit. I would pair it with non milk bottle legs 😉 and this cute pink crossbody bag also from Penneys with any of their fab wedges instore at the moment too!



penneys pink bag.jpg


Have a lovely bank holiday everyone:)


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From beginners to Masters in parenting code

As I discussed the possibility of a trip to M c d’s and the c i n e m a (spelling this word letter by letter) as treat for the twins with himself over Easter, our twosome knew something was afoot.

All of a sudden two heads pointed in our direction, ears cocked, eyes focused on our mouths as we spoke.  When the look of puzzlement didn’t leave their faces, intent to figure out what Mammy and Daddy were discussing, it wasn’t long before we were being interrogated and practically held to hostage on the couch over what we could possibly be talking about. We just about got away with it that day and the surprise was actually a surprise which resulted in two very happy kids watching Trolls on the big screen for the first time.


Only a few weeks earlier I had been speaking to the other half about the impending c h o c o l a t e   mountain after Easter arrived, confident in my foresight to spell the word to avoid little toddler twins ears hearing the holy grail word and going into meltdown when they didn’t get said chocolate. My jaw is still on its way back up from the floor when my little boy turned around excitedly asking where was the chocolate!

Excuse me my 2.5 year old toddler genius when did you learn how to spell?


Cast your mind back to the newborn blurriness. You can say absolutely anything in front of your kids, confident that as they stare back at you, that’s all they are doing, staring at you, their only concern being when you are going to whip open your blouse next.

As they grow a little bit bigger the guilt may set in a little, especially if you are having a heated discussion about those arseholes who don’t know how to drive in front of you. Slap a smile on your face and baby doesn’t realise Mammy may be road raging ever so slightly as the smile alters the tone in your voice.


The next step as they begin to respond to you more and requires you need to ramp it up a notch so you can curse the person who robbed the last twin trolley and or parent child parking space. This involves talking in that ickle wickle cutie baby voice you have perfected indoors whilst cooing to your baby.


Happy days!  Babies think you are engaged in some happy conversation and Mammy gets to vent at the ignoramous who has taken said space/trolley and left you extremely wet from the rain as you walked all the way to the shop in the piddling rain , yet sweaty while you rush around the supermarket after lugging two carseats onto a buggy, loaded the baby bag and shopping bags, seeking out that smug person who took said space.


You continue to use this voice all the way home to a captivated audience in the back as you realise in your stressed out situation that you forgot the wipes and it’s cotton wool and water for nappy changes cause there’s no way in hell you are doing another supermarket trip again today, or ever again!




Once your kids master speech you need to up your speaking in code skills one hundred percent. We have all been there and nearly revel in the first time your darling utters a curse word, is there anything more adorable that a f word from a little mouth? First, second, third time equals cuteness, fourth time and you begin to realise something has to change.

You become masters at renaming everything and anything that could possibly lead to weakness, or tantrums if they don’t get whatever it is you are talking about. It also comes in handy when the parrot stage of toddlerhood descends and the next door neighbour gets to know what you really think about them straight out of the kids little mouths.


In my case you then find this renaming everything transcends into real life. A fellow twin mother and I have a fondness for “bread”. Some will wonder why “bread” brings us great comfort after a shitty day and long may that misunderstanding that we are carb obsessed continue rather than us revealing over our dependence on the red grape…


My latest challenge in code words is how to stop my twins from reprimanding me for saying bold words or how to invent a new way that gives me the freedom to occasionally have a slip of tongue. I am a serial over-user of the word shit, I don’t even know I am saying it half the time but there is nothing that makes you more aware of how bad this actually is than hearing “ Mammy that’s a bold word “ out of the words of someone a quarter of your size!

Somehow “sugar” just doesn’t cut it and given the strictness of my kids, FLUP is also deemed a bold word…

 I feel deeply ashamed having real life curse jars giving out to me and that’s enough to stop me in my tracks momentarily at least anyway.


Looking ahead into the future as our two child geniuses continue to outsmart us I know it will become harder to be inventive when it comes to keeping conversations over the understandings of toddlers and beyond. Any advice from those who have been there and are further along in their learnings of how to outwit kids and keep little ears un-tuned would be most appreciated 🙂


code image




Peek a Poo



As #bowelcancerawarenessmonth draws to a close I wanted to reshare this piece I wrote some while back about how it has touched our family. Even though it’s the second biggest cancer killer in Ireland people just don’t talk about their bowels or they ignore anything going on down below.

Reading an article in the @Irishtimes today (the )

makes me realise not only do we need to be more aware of ourselves and what’s going on in our bodies but that we really need to share with the men in our lives how important it is to be aware and recognise when something may be going on.

The bowel screen program is only available from a certain age but given men are twice as more likely to get cancer any help in early detection is only a good thing, so encourage those in your family who are eligible to partake , better still talk about bowel cancer at home, at work and make it normal to discuss poo, sure we overshare everything else these days why not something that might just save a life!


Have I caught your attention ?

From the minute our children enter the world we talk about poo. I bet it doesn’t take much to cast your mind back to that lovely first meconium ..

It’s something we get to know in such intimate detail from that very first experience  to the not so pleasant experience of 2.5 year old twins who can create such ungodly nappies toilet training is fast approaching ! ( I predict a blog-post of the horrors of training twins ,3 day guides, 1 day guides etc to follow that future eventful experience).

Are you still with me ?

We have no problem dissecting nappies when they’re sick, helping along constipation, using suppositories to bring down high temps, literally analysing bowel and digestive movements of our kids and ensuring all is right there as we understand the importance of gut and bowel health. Ok we hold…

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One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

Well that was a short week thankfully ! After 39 days of very good behaviour I did indulge over Easter, not on chocolate but maybe a few bottles of wine were opened,so I contained myself to only online browsing.

I did pick up a few bargains for the twins .

I am a sucker for Grandad shirts ,even more so on kids. Collars can bother alot of little ones ,therefore this is a great buy and at only 6euro from Penneys it will see you through hopefully a few occasions over the Spring/Summer. It’s lightweight too , with roll up/down sleeves depending on the Irish weather on the day!

grandad shirt penneys


For herself I can’t resist sharing again the frill denim dress I got recently, as this lightweight bomber coat reduced to only 5euro in Penneys matches perfectly and would be adorable too over a white summery dress.

dress and coat penneys frill


Now that herself will allow me to put things in her hair I have been liked a woman possessed crawling through sites to find bows which aren’t going to take over her entire head. These beauties come with just the right amount of sparkle in both pigtail band and clip  from the talented  Princess Bowtique in Cavan. I am obsessed with the mermaid glitter ones, how cute are they !

bows 2 update


Lastly during my online browsing I spotted this dress on Newlooks site, beautifully bright with gorgeous embroidered birds I think a trip instore is in order. A pair of ankle grazing boots would be fab paired with this.

Newlook yellow bird dress


I’m sharing this Penneys dress I wore last weekend to show how it looks on, as the pic on the hanger doesn’t do it justice. (nor does my goofy pose ) . That aside it’s extremely comfortable, light and floaty and will transition to summer so easily by swapping for flats and bare legs. The black style will see you through all seasons . This is still instore so I would run and buy whilst it’s still available.

penneys pink wrap dress me final.png


Happy Friday everyone for those wrecked after the four day week and enjoy the last weekend of midterm if you are praying for Monday’s return to normality.

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Note: I have purchased all items myself and have not been asked to promote any brands. Opinions are all my own.

Oh brain where art thou….

There’s a smell that’s lingering in my kitchen this evening and if you were to look in my kitchen sink and bin right now there’s three burnt pots, a 1Kg bag of carrots which earlier had been chopped into toddler bite size portions, two Butternut squashes (again chopped into teeney bites) four chopped up onions, four sweet potatoes ( toddler sized bites -did I mention…) all barely recogniseable as vegetables ,let alone the batch cooking soup I had spent AGES prepping and chopping only a little while earlier.
I say a little while because in actual fact thanks to bath-time and my inability to remember anything anymore it was more than a little while ago. It was  in fact enough time for three huge pots of chicken stock and veg to burn completely off.


Thanks babybrain!

Errrr can I call it asideeffectofhavingkidsbrain??

brain kids.jpg



The twins are three in July let my brain has yet to recover. Why is that ?
Why does this keep happening to my lovely pots? I’d love to say its the first time but there’s been so many times now over the last few years I am beginning to wonder are my poor pots destined for the pot graveyard. Thankfully the honeyed carrots I forgot about in the oven recently which nearly sent my Le Creuset casserole dish to its forever home was rescued by my mother after alot of scouring and scrubbing (thanks Mam! )

In the early days of sleep deprivation I was happy to accept the loss of some brain cells. Having twins on 1.5 hourly feeds, who had colic and reflux, who went through major sleep regressions and were model pupils of the Wonder week app was going to impact on my brain activity and I happily accepted that. I had my trusty notebook to replace my brain and then I moved to my phone and the reminders began to fill up. Reminders about reminders… began which I wrote about previously.

We all know that pregnancy shrinks your brain ( if this is news to you, I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, not only does your brain change to protect your body and your little ones on board, it also shrinks in size in the third trimester). Apparently it returns to normal size with some minor alterations by the time your baby is six months old but I dare you to argue this with me. Well you probably will win that argument given my inability to retain certain facts these days.

Why else would I have had that “nightcap” on a recent night out ? Lots of drink had been drank, the status was merry to say the least, but yet I seemed to forget that toddlers and hangovers don’t mix. Guess what mixes less? A really bright sunny day after the night before which makes said toddlers want to go outside and stay outside when all you want to do is wallow on the couch swearing blind never again ,with Blaze on repeat on the TV to try and keep them from climbing all over your aching body and pounding head.


I have still yet to recover from brushing my teeth with Germolene when the twins were a few months old. We can thank sleep deprivation and the fair whack of cells I lost the night before for that lovely experience. 


It’s not all bad…

I have become brilliant yet crap all at once. I’ve raised twins with only minor mishaps along the way beyond newborn and into kid status ,that may never win me an award but academia was never for me anyway.

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One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday Fashion

I popped in on a flying visit to the newly revamped @Heatonsstores in Limerick (Childers road) earlier in the week delighted to hear that whilst Sports Direct is now downstairs , Heatons is still there and has moved upstairs. I’ve always loved this particular store and some of my favorite dresses (that get lots of compliments ) have come from here and their homeware can leave a purse empty fairly quickly.

If you haven’t made it in yet , definitely do the store is so fresh looking, has a great layout and seems bigger than previous and there are not only some gorgeous homeware and clothing for all the family but there is great offers on toys, clothing and outdoor furniture( up to 50% off).

As we are heading off to the beach for the Easter weekend (it will be warm , ye of little faith ) and possibly taking a trip to the pool I had my eye out for UV suits for the kids and loved the prints on these two separate top and bottoms set instore. At ten euro a set you can’t go wrong and are Upf30. The twins loved them so much they insisted on trying them on for the evening!


If you don’t get to a beach this weekend or maybe want something transportable for the car for your holidays that won’t take up too much room, this little sand and water table that I picked up last year for 20euro is now on offer  for only €14. it’s not the largest in the world but it is perfect as a start out sand table ,and my two still play with theirs.sand table.jpg


I have to show you this Chanel inspired tweed coat in the little girl’s section. How adorable for any confirmation girls out there, or over a pair of jeans for our little toddlers with this floaty blouse from Penneys underneath.




They have done a great job with the younger boys section and this nautical wall in particular stood out for me with some really cute and affordable pieces.

Heatons boys mix.jpg




I mentioned lace dresses that I have from Heatons that everyone compliments -does anyone remember the white lace mesh collared dress that everyone went mad for last year! and a collarless longer black version earlier this year? well have a look at these two that I spotted instore, the colours are beautifully vibrant. With a little cropped blazer these would be perfect for communion/confirmation or would be fab at a summer wedding.


Continuing the yellow and pink theme, how stunning is this dress from @PenneysIreland. I need to pray when I go back in that this is still in stock as the more I see this dress the more I love it. It comes in a lovely pink shade aswell but the yellow has a slight edge for me. It’s such a rich yellow it screams sunshine. They have beautiful wedges in store too and the rosegold colour would suit perfectly. penneys dress yellow-adore.jpg


So we are off to the beach for a few days , we may more than likely end up piling on the layers and not getting the chance to show off the new swimmers, but God loves an optimist doesn’t he…


Happy Friday and Easter everyone and I hope whatever it is that you get up to ,that it’s enjoyable and you have a lovely long weekend.


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What’s in a name?

A whole lot actually and more than some of you would care to believe.

When it came to naming the twins we really were not prepared for the minefield of trying to come up with two boys names, two girls names and a boy &girl’s name!

Hours were spent as all excited parents to be partake in trawling through online forums, top baby names searches on Google, books are bought. Trying desperately to name your ever growing bump, flitting between names on a daily basis at the start, discounting them off the list and then putting them back on. Checking most and least popular baby names lists. Dying out names. Old fashioned names. “Unique names”. Mythical names. The lists go on and on and on…….


Secretly holding onto your “favourite” name in your head, afraid to mention it too early incase the other half doesn’t like it and pulls the “That’s definitely being vetoed” card. As long as you wanted a baby you have imagined calling them this.

 I wonder how many people actually end up naming their babies the name they had thought of all those years ago?

So sorry guys Ashley and Dylan whilst lovely names didn’t make the cut and to be honest I will admit now as soon as I became pregnant those names didn’t “suit” my bump , so I may have exaggerated slightly their presence in my top five to get rid of the veto early on.


Who honestly knew how difficult it would be to pick six names combos and commit!







For some reason I imagine naming multiples to be a lot harder than naming individual babies. Do they match without being too matchy, the stress of choosing all the combos. Why this actually even entered our thought process I am not sure but then again I had a lot of bed rest hours to fill so it kept me busy. God bless my triplet and quad mammy friends because two days after A was born we were still dithering on her name so I can imagine the back and forths in naming more than two babies.


And then finally they are here (Boy& Girl -yey ) and you have made a decision, happy days…. You check with your brother in law who is a teacher on the spelling and pronunciation of names, you check online baby name lists/dictionaries. You are happy, delighted twin one and two are officially little people now with their own identities and send off your messages announcing the births of B & A to the world.

And all is well, you go home, they meet everyone and the crazy world of constant feeds and newborn blur has officially begun but your family is complete. Off you go to the registry office a few days later, all dressed up for their first official outing( it’s an important day !) Certs are handed over ,once spelling is checked and their little identities are documented forever.


And then you venture outside your bubble.

But the random stranger is not happy. The random stranger seems a bit too eager to educate you in your choice of names and how they should be pronounced and spelt. They seemed offended that you don’t take their corrections seriously when you alert them to the fact that you won’t be rushing back to the births office to change the spelling of your childs’ name. Or better still call them by a new name.  I know you are thinking she’s not serious is she? I have literally had someone argue with me over how we choose to pronounce our daughters name and how our sons name is missing a letter.  Strange one that, they must have missed the previous discussions on when we decided what the kids would be called…


The PC in every doctors’/consultants office you visit brings a whole new set of challenges. You are unsure whether it is the person sitting at the PC who is not aware of the control alt and holding down of the letter to insert a fada or whether the fault lies with the system they are inputting the data that rebirths your child with a new name!  But of course that is our problem for deciding to choose Irish names for our twins. It also means when someone is trying to get a hold of one of the twins attention and calls them by the wrong name they are not actively ignoring them. Well they are toddlers so more than likely they are operating selective hearing mode but maybe it works in my favour to then explain the “ computer error”.



And how cruel are we also on that matter of giving B &A “ As Gaeilge” names ,sure they won’t be ever able to leave Ireland and explore the world for fear someone can’t pronounce their name. I have a sneaking suspicion their names won’t be top of their list for things they want to torment us over when they reach adulthood.



Try being named after one of the most successful female singers in recent times and see how many times you laugh when upon picking up the phone “Hello, can you hear me” is sung down the line to you.  The gags never get old, I swear…..




whats in a name

One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday Fashion

As I write this I am cautious of the jinx I am about to place dare I utter the words -so apparently there’s a heat wave coming this weekend!

So moving swiftly along let me just mention how much heat wave appropriate clothing Penneys has at the moment. Such are kids in general you don’t want to spend too much on their summer clothing given their habit to attract dirt on those lovely bright summery clothes! Plus the fact that the promise of sun may never come it eases the pain somewhat if the clothes you have bought haven’t broken the bank in the first place.

There’s lots of separates coming in store daily at this stage , stock varying nationwide as always. I am still searching for this occasion dress ! It would be perfect as a little party dress for all the communions/confirmations or even as a flower girl dress with a little posy of baby’s breath.

occassion dress

Mustard is a favourite colour of mine and can carry through to the summer and these boys shorts which are instore awhile now this T-Shirt matches perfectly. I also picked up these cute  print shorts, made from cotton which will be very comfortable and roomy for days on the beach.boys tshirt and shorts

boys axtec

For mini, this dress is too cute for words. Light and Breezy for summer and comes in a denim version too

girls dress frill

And for Mammy, well I have to stay cool too don’t I 🙂

Comfortable for running around outdoors with the twins and nods to the frill trend whilst staying cool most importantly,  this denim dress fits the bill perfectly.

me denim

Do you see those shoes 🙂 Here’s a tip , don’t ever forget to check the older girls section for shoes . I bought a pair of these in navy last year in the women’s shoes section, I love them but the glitter is coarse and can rub off the skin. I spotted these beauties in the older kids section , all the effect of glitter but a lovely smooth shiny touch to them. I’ll get loads of wear out of these for the 7euro bargain that they were!

shoes penneys

Lastly it’s nearly time to break out the white denim , I will regret those words I know with toddler twins so I may need to restrict these to kid free trips!

I love the frill denim shirt that everyone is raving about lately with the crispness of the white jeggings but it is probably more suited to the less well endowed!

denim shirt

Lastly,look at these makeup brushes!! Unicorns,enough said:)


I hope the sun in shining where-ever you are this weekend and if it’s not that all the same you have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend 🙂

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