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One for him, one for her and one for Mammy.Friday fashion

  It's Friday again, whoop! Finally we have a bit of colour in the shops:) It is all about Zara and Tesco for our toddler boys,girls and women this week. Hopefully you see something you like.   First up for... Continue Reading →


A gripping and emotionally charged read. The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson.

I was gifted an early copy of The Abandoned and also bought my own Kindle version, as always reviews are completely my own. ¬†The blurb¬† Peggy Bowden has not had an easy life. As a teenager, her mother was committed... Continue Reading →

Treat yourself on Valentines day

As romantic as I can be, at times, when I have the energy these days! I don't generally buy into the whole Valentines day thing. Over the years we have cooked meals at home, because the whole overpriced, rush in... Continue Reading →

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

The days are getting a little longer and the temperatures are kind of rising,( not that you would know with the snow in recent days!) The shops are still slowly filtering out the last of the sales rails and here... Continue Reading →

Passing on good habits to our children. Being body positive.

I have always loved looking back through old photo albums. Of holidays from my early childhood days, long forgotten. Of day-trips taken and ice-creams eaten, my only cares in the world were how many times we could swim in the... Continue Reading →

Why are children not welcomed in the dining room? Eating out with kids.

"I have children at home, I do not want to see children when I am out eating my dinner". Her lips curled up as these words left her mouth, as she expressed her distaste to the Maitre D ,as my... Continue Reading →

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

I love when I find somewhere new to find kids clothes, especially right now, when you walk into shops and the last remnants of the bad side of the sales rails are out on the floor and empty rails await... Continue Reading →

Our reflux hell

There has been a lot of defining moments thus far,in the short three and a half years I have been a Mother. Most memories, post birth, are mainly happy ones. However one piece of the twins early little lives that... Continue Reading →

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

Finally the shops are starting to get new stock in but there are still lots of sale pieces floating about, if you look hard enough you will see bits you need I am sure, but I am proud to say... Continue Reading →

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