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One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.


Sorry ! but I am in full Christmas mode as all the fab clothes are starting to make their way into shops and now might be the time to get the wardrobes done and dusted so it is one less thing to do closer to the day.


For your little men over Christmas I love this tartan suit from Mini V by Very at Littlewoods. It is perfect for a special occasion over the Christmas period and you could mix and match the waistcoat and shirt with jeans for another look over the holidays.


tartan suit



For a more casual yet still dressy look for Christmas as you know I am partial to a grandad collar on little boys and this River Island shirt on the Littlewoods site is only €15 and would be lovely paired with a pair of navy or wine chinos.




Popping into Zara, this star shirt for boys is perfect for Christmas, paired under these wine cords  The cords even have an adjustable waistband for your little man if he eats too much on the day, but they will grow with him guaranteeing you plenty of wear over the New Year and early Spring months.

Zara star shirtWine cords zara

For girls this week I stumbled across another gorgeous Irish childrens’ brand recently and have fallen in love with their pieces. How stunning is this star dress, the sleeves are amazing! Check out for more beautiful handmade childrens clothing. I would pair this with chunky cream cable knit tights and brown leather boots for a lovely Christmas look.

21st star dress.jpg


I have most of my Christmas clothes for herself bought but am tempted to pick up a few more pieces such as this gorgeous sparkly girls dress from Littlewoods.20th sparkly v by very girls littlewoods


For Christmas day how adorable is this little velour sparkly dress  for only 20€ in the Mini V by Very collection.

velour littlewoods dress

And one last option from Littlewoods is this beautiful red mesh star long sleeved dress,again only €20!

red star dress.jpg


for something a little different and if your little girl isn’t fond of dress how fab is this cord jumpsuit from Zara in a beautiful plum colour. I would put this romantic blouse underneath it with a little sparkly cardigan and the floral ankle boots from Penneys would be a perfect finish.




Comfort is all I want on Christmas day but it is nice to look stylish too for the many family photos. I always buy a dress that has room for the Christmas dinner and drinks and I love this more grown up version of the tulle skirt from Littlewoods. I would pair it with a short-sleeved woolen jumper and a statement necklace so if you are cooking you don’t overheat!

v by very tulle skirt


I love this Pu skirt from V by Very aswell and with the many bodysuits in all the shops at the moment I would pair the velvet v neck one from Zara underneath in red for a look over the Christmas for a less formal night out.

pu skirt


I like this pearl studded skater dress from Zara for only €39 if you are looking for a more casual and very comfortable Christmas day dress. zara pearl skater dress

And for the ultimate comfort, this swing style lace dress from Zara in a steel blue colour , it also comes in red if you want a little more of a festive colour.lace swing.jpgRegardless of colour this ticks all the boxes for comfort and style.

Another dress in Zara that caught my eye is this floral piece, it does look short on the model but may be closer to the knee on us mere floral.jpg

In-store in Zara right now is this mustard  rose print dress which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

If you have alot of parties starting soon for the Christmas period this red dress available on Littlewoods and from Ax Paris is a bargain at only €45, it is bang on trend with the frilled fluted sleeves and can be mixed and matched with accessories to get you through a few occasions throughout the year.

ax dress

This is a little risque but this dress grows on me every time I see it. I think it would be amazing over the Christmas period for a night out with the other half if you manage a night away from the kids.Zara lace dress.jpg

If dresses aren’t your thing this beaded coat is divine instore in Zara at the moment and would be lovely over leathers or a jumpsuit for a little bling to the party season.

beaded coat zara.jpg

And lastly staying with jackets and the infamous Zara biker jacket this week has had a print makeover. I wasn’t sure at first when I saw it but I just love the quality and fit of these bikers and this would be stunning over a little black dress throughout the party season for nights out.floral biker.jpg


And I couldn’t finish my first Christmas clothing post without a nod to the Irish tradition that is the Late Late Toy Show, and Penneys have outdone themselves again this year with their Pj’s from babies right up to adults. With €75,000 being donated by Penneys to Temple Street foundation and CMRF Crumlin I will be getting the pj’s for the kids again this year, it’s great to show your support.



So there you have it, my first Christmas clothing picks for him for her and for Mammy. I will be posting more over the coming weekly slots and be sure to share your bargains , I love seeing all the bargains that you pm me .


Poop image dodeestodaquiris.png

Charity single released today for the Irish Cancer Society, show your support.

Unfortunately one in two people will develop cancer in this lifetime and funds are always needed in the fight against cancer and for cancer research.  As you might know my family has been closely affected by cancer over the last few years and seeing the waiting rooms fill indiscriminately with young and old we all need to play our part in helping fight for those who are going through this awful disease and to protect as many in the future as we can.

I am delighted to get behind this new charity single that was launched today by the Eclipse Stage School in Dublin.The project has been the brainchild of creative director and choreographer, Kenneth Giles (27) from Kilbarrack, Dublin. Eclipse Stage School’s ‘I Lived‘ was originally written by American band One Republic and will be available on all digital platforms fromThursday morning to help the work of the Irish Cancer Society.

Aslan’s Christy Dignam and Joe Jewell dropped into rehearsals with the North Dublin based 80-piece vocal group this week to give the students (aged from 4 to 19) from across Dublin advice and mentor them on their road to releasing their debut single.

Cancer affects every family in Ireland and the world at some point in time and after a brush with the condition himself last year at the age of 26, Kenneth decided to dedicate a special project to helping others in need to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the award winning stage school he owns.
A rare form of skin cancer developed under Kenneth’s eye twice in the space of one year which doctors said is usually only seen in people of age 50+. Developed from repeated sun damage, he says he never even realised the damage normal every day sun can do over time. “I’ve had some sun burn when on holidays which definitely added to the damage but I never realised Irish sun without protection, repeatedly on your skin can cause so much damage”.

Sun protection and health within day to day life needs to be at the centre of attention among young people and old in Ireland as over 50% of young people are now using sun beds, tanning injections or over exposing themselves to sun rays whilst on holidays without knowing the true effects it can have on the body and skin. Now, with a tax on sunbeds brought in during the Budget 2018, the Government are trying to get a hold on this terrible disease. 

‘I Lived’ is a song which focuses on living every moment of life and being able to say you have done it all. The song was recorded and produced at Herbert Studios were some of the biggest names in music have recorded including Muse, Snow Patrol and Gavin James.
The Kilbarrack (North Dublin) based group have recently launched the single at the Aviva Stadium performing at the annual CancerConference and in the past number of years picked up awards for Best Stage School in Ireland, Dance Group of the Year and have performed at many venues including the RDS, Croke Park Stadium and the O’Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College were they will hold their 10th birthday show on November 3rd.

Please show your support and help in the fight against all cancers by downloading the track here  –  and it is available to download across all platforms.

Making memories and looking back.

I am feeling very sentimental as of late and even more so after one afternoon in my parents’ house when the twins were knee-deep in photo albums of me as a child with my family. Pictures of first trips to Santa, pictures of first holidays and day trips intermixed with random pictures snapped at home with family and friends. My twins were in their element, lying belly down on the sitting room floor pointing out baby Mammy time and time again to me and reminding me of memories long forgotten.

What struck me as my little boy and girl revelled in seeing Mammy as a baby and at the age of three, which is what they are now, playing in the sand one Summer many moons ago, was how little I remember of all those specific times in my early life.

Yet anytime the photo albums have come out over the years, when I looked back, I always felt a sense of love. I may not have remembered the specific occasion or trip but I can recognise in my more mature eyes now, the light in my parents’ eyes in the photos. The tiredness of early parenthood seeps from the faded photo albums, I can literally feel the exhaustion and empathise because I have come to know that exhaustion myself. It is only by becoming a parent that I can look back now through the albums and see the tiredness behind the smiles, but the light from their eyes that I saw from the first time I opened those albums, I still see today.

As a young child looking at the images, I realise now I was caught up browsing through my parents love story, their real life. Pictures long before my brother and I came along showed trips to the beach with groups of friends and siblings. I have poured over these albums so many times of the years and at different stages of my life taken what I needed from them. I was fascinated at how everything is nearly different now then compared to now. My children revel even more in these changes, but the one consistency throughout is that whilst lines have deepened, the smiles and the eyes are as wide as ever.

I loved seeing my parents in their youth, I still thought they were old but it was thrilling to see them as kids, beginning their love affair. My father looked like Mick Jagger to me and my Mam was simply stunning, and still is!

It was  the thrill of seeing my family in the fashions of their times and sometimes having to swallow the laughs that threatened to spill at the choices of the 70’s and 80’s for  teenagers and twenty somethings. Flared pant and swimming togs with caps that should never have seen the light of day provided endless entertainment. As children we often don’t see our parents as real life human beings, people in their own right but photos award us the amazing opportunity to do just that.

Watching my children now pouring over photos of me as a baby, sitting on Santa’s knee and reacting to their excitement of witnessing that event in my life, only serves me more purpose to keep taking pictures. In the future  one day when they are a little older we can begin pouring over our photo albums on a rainy afternoon and possibly laugh at the clothes I not only dressed myself in but dressed us all in! Already they love looking back at their newborn days and revel in seeing Mammy with her big bump, albeit I have had to move swiftly on when they get stuck on asking how they got there!

Whilst there is little before the age of four I recall from these stills of our family life, as a parent I can understand now why myself and the other half have brought our children on day trips, holidays, little adventures.  Why we have done so much in their early lives when they won’t remember.

There is nothing more concrete in life than my childrens’ smiles and I want to spend as much of my time here ensuring the smiles slip from their faces as little as possible. Surprises of adventure every now and again add an extra sparkle to their faces and ours. I have filled cameras and phones of images of their tender three years.  I have stored many more private moments of our lives in my head, those will never fade.  We have also done it for us of course, we couldn’t wait to begin our family life. As everyone says there is nothing more magical than experiencing something new through the eyes of a child and the sense of fulfilment is worth everything to me. I want to make memories for us all to share, some the kids may need to be reminded of but we can relive them through the photos we have taken for them.


I want everyone to turn the camera around and include themselves in photos with their children no matter how tired you feel or look that day. It is all too easy to delete in this age of technology but would you rip up a printed image of a loved on now because they might have a wonky smile on their face? You might actually appreciate it more than a posed image as that is the loved one you know best. The one who has loved you and comforted you all your life. Get in the photos with your family ,pure and simple.

I want everyone to capture what may feel like the mundane stills from family life and store it on print. What makes you laugh or makes your eyes fill the most now when you look back through photo albums? For me, the posed photos are lovely but I smile when I see pictures of me lying on my parents knees as a baby. Pictures of the grandparents and the twins all acting the same age whilst goofing around, are priceless to me.

I want everyone to turn the camera around from selfie (when did that become a word anyway?) mode every now and again and take pictures of their extended families and children.

In years to come when your children are older and come back to the fold to look back on life, you may remember memories you have long forgotten and experience new emotions as you look back fondly through the younger eyes that sit with you as they absorb  the story of all those that love them .

We will always store the most precious memories in our hearts but as time and memories fade, photographs have always been there as little reminders of life.

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you aren’t blown away out there!

As we are well and truly on our way to Wintery weather I wanted to share some warm and cosy clothing for him, for her and for Mammy this week.

Stopping by Tesco firstly for boys, my little fella is monster obsessed so this jumper keeps me happy that is is warm and the design keeps him happy too!13th tesco boys jumper

Popping into Penneys how cute is this navy and red duffle coat for boys instore now. As this coat would be too bulky to wear in a car seat,this green hoodie and grey baseball coat, both fleece lined, are perfect to keep the kids warm in the car. At only ten euro for the baseball jacket it is really cool and practical too. As it is all about layering in this weather, this two piece shirt and long sleeved top combo would be nice under the baseball coat with a pair of grey or mustard jeans (both colours instore).  I still cannot believe this grey space jumper was only five euro!

13th duffle

13th boys green hoody13th 10euro baseball coat13th black and white shirt13th 5euro boys


For him and for her, Tesco have some really affordable Halloween costumes right now with some of these only ten euro.With cute scary tops starting at only three euro.costumes

There is nothing more cosy than a polo neck so I fell in love with this corded pinafore and polo neck duo in Tesco. They also have this gorgeous pink glitter roll neck which you could alternate under the pink pinafore too for a different look. Chunky cable knit tights and boots, of which Tesco have some lovely ones instore for kids will complete the outfit.

13th dungarees13th roll neck

Take a look at this glitter leopard print tunic for girls! I love it and later will show you how Mammy can twin with her little girl with a piece from the women’s section. I saw these grey glitter cord pants instore too and you could either pair this with tights and boots as dress or layer the cords underneath for an edgier look for your little rockstar.13th girls leopard13th lepord pants


I love these Christmas tunics in Tesco and the matching navy leggings are too cute!

13th tesco girls christmas

I have found THE Christmas coat for your little girl in Tesco for only thirty euro! Silver is the perfect colour and will match in with all her Christmas outfits. This coat oozes sparkle and Christmas and I couldn’t help but get excited about December when I spotted this

13th girls coat

In Penneys for girls this week I put together a few looks for you which can be mixed and matched. First up the pink cord skirt is also in a lovely tan colour which we have at home ,as did the penguin glitter top , and how cute is this space top which works well with both the pink skirt or can be edged up with the floral embroidered jeans. All would be complete with these mid calf navy and tan boots for little girls. 13th penneys girls mix13th floral jeans13th boots


Whilst technically River Island had this bag in the girls section ,Mammies may find themselves “borrowing” from their daughters with this fab laser cut bag.

13th riverisland girls bag

Staying in River Island for Women and thinking ahead to party season these tops can be transformed from day to night with leathers or skinnies jeans. The beading on the black high neck top is stunning and the navy embroidered blouse would be gorgeous over a wine leather skirt.

13th river island beaded13th river island navy embroidered

Keeping cosy in F&F in Tesco, I do not usually like leopard print but I actually bought both these jumpers, what a bargain! They are your perfect transitional knit for this time of year. The grey has a lovely bell sleeve whilst the pink sleeves are 3/4’s with turn ups. You also get to “twin” with your little girl if you pick up the leopard print tunic I featured earlier .

I also got to try on “The” coat from Tesco this season. At fifty euro I did initially wonder was it going to be worth the price but honestly it is so cosy and comfortable if you are on the hunt for a Winter coat then definitely consider this.  It feels very luxurious! It is big sizing, I tried on a ten and had room in it but better to be a little big than too snug. 13th tesco lepord print13th Tesco coat

Finishing up in Penneys for Women this week  first up is this lovely cobalt blue coatigan. I purchased the yellow version of this last year, and whilst it has bobbled from overwash and overwear it wouldn’t deter me from purchasing the blue version, some colour at this time of year is always nice!

I love this mustard frill neck and sleeved ribbed knit. There are so many different choices to wear this knit with, for me I think a simple pair of dark blue skinnes or a leather pencil skirt would be my choices.

Scarves are my thing and finally some nice prints are coming into store. Here are two pink based prints which caught my eye in Penneys this week.


13th penneys cobalt blue cardi13th penneys mustard ribbed jumper13th scarves


I loved this black embroidered blouse in-store now which can dress up a simple pair of grey skinny jeans with one of their many ankle grazing boots.13th embroidered penneys


These beige gold studded pyjamas are so soft to the touch (matching pants not pictured) I can imagine myself cosied up in bed in them. 13th penneys pjs

If you are on the lookout for some clocks for your bedroom these  rose gold options will add a girly touch without going overboard on hues of pink.

13th clocks


I have seen this pink coat on lots since it came into Penneys and finally got to try it on for myself, whilst I actually really liked it on and adored the knot sleeves ,for me running after the kids it isn’t practical but nonetheless I did love it.13th pink


And finally this bag for only ten euro grows on me the more I see it. I adore all these colours individually and together I wasn’t sure it worked but this bag would match in with fifty percent of my wardrobe now so I may be tempted to go back and purchase.

13th penneys bag


Have a great weekend everyone and remember if you do find some nice bargains out and about please share ,I’d love to see what comes home with you.

What is going on with eyebrows

Right I have a brow to pluck with you, sorry pardon the pun I couldn’t resist, but I cannot hold it in any longer.

What the bleep is going on with eyebrows these days??

I am all for brows framing the face, I get the importance of them in having a finished look. I know some people have to fill them in, if like me during the Leaving cert studying I absentmindedly picked half an eyebrow out, or those who are go through medical treatments. Some suffer hair loss and other ailments and need to seek beauty treatments to replace lost hair  but why do I now see eyebrows walking around me everywhere these days.

I passed a group of younger girls today, well it took a second for me to distinguish what I was walking apast. I saw all these harsh black lines looking down at what looked like mobile phones. Said phones were casting a beautiful glow (no need for highlighter) on these harsh lines and it was then I realised there were real life humans underneath them.

On a recent night out, a pair of brows walked into the bathroom and I had to rub my own cocktail fuelled eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Why would anyone want two mustaches replacing their arches?

Now I don’t get time these days to get my brows done,and maybe I am a tad envious I have never had HD brows done. My brows are never as tidy as when I get them waxed but I reckon I am ok at plucking and filling parts in with a subtle eye pencil/powder. I really do fail to understand all the terminology that is out there on offer these days so I won’t even try but how does it take seven steps now to get the perfect brow?

Like everything else in beauty is about achieving more with less, products have evolved and one palette can nearly give you a whole made up face ,but nope those two arches of hair take seven steps now to achieve perfection.

I think we are on the cusp of the evolution of the brow. Over the last century we have gone from natural to pencilled, thin to bushy to the current (in some cases) caterpillar on your face trend to let’s admit beautifully filled arches of perfection. It is time to call bullshit on overtreated brows and brave the next new trend. What that will be God only knows but I know for one that I probably will never get the time to get that done either!

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

Hi everyone, it has been a manic week, as always but it is Friday, yey:) I am still shattered but buzzing from The M Word’s win in the Commercial category for best Parenting blog last night at the V by Very Littlewoods Ireland blog awards and delighted I am part of the writing team, so well done again to Maia and all the fabulous women who make up the writers team( and men occasionally!).


So that has left pretty zero time for any online browsing or shop visiting outside of a snatched few minutes in lieu of a lunch break, but I still have some nice clothing for all to show you.

Dunnes continue to impress and whilst I don’t usually buy matching tracksuits I think this “Awesome” camouflage little boys one is so cute!

6th awesome


Here is another Christmas or party inspired look I put together in Penneys for boys this week. This soft touch grey shirt will keep any little boy cute and cosy at the same time. I paired it over a wine pair of jeans and these grey and navy boots match perfect.

I also love all these jogger bottom jeans in various colours and patterns and how fab are these high tops for our little boys too, all in stores now!6th shirt boy

6th grey boots boys6th jogger bottom jeans6th xmas socks boys



6th run booys

Layer over this jumper on really cold days and he remains cosy and stylish.

6th boys jumper

6th boys winter coat

And for the really cold days layer over this lovely fur lined coat .



For our little women this week in Dunnes I am loving these pinafore dresses with polos  and frill blouses underneath and both will look lovely with the tan boots matching. The pink floral dress is lovely for now as a dress with cable knit tights and later as a tunic over leggings when they stretch!6th brush dress6th dunnes pinafore6th dunnes floral dress girls


Over to Penneys for a Christmas party outfit, have a look at the little girl Christmas jumpers starting to arrive, pair it over either of these cute cord shorts and with this fabulous fluffy coat with ankle boots.6th christmas tree jumper6th coat girls6th cord shorts


I saw some lovely pieces for kids bedrooms in Penneys too, how nice are these wall art pieces! Little girls or boys will love these mermaid tails and this Dinosaur rug!6th rug penneys6th mermaid throwwall art


For Mammy in Penneys look at this daring leather which a long sleeved ribbed polo would be lovely under.6th leather dress


6th nursing dress penneys

6th check dress

I also really like this black checkered dress, perfect day time wear.

I didn’t know Penneys did nursing clothing but this dress caught my eye initally as something I would wear even though I am long past the nursing days so I was delighted to see those Breastfeeding could wear this striped dress.


I love the colour of these studded blue stilettos!6th blue stud shoes

This years star dress is a lovely frill sleeved, wrap style dress from Penneys and is different enough to the infamous one it will have to be bought.6th star dress

And lastly I got lots of queries about my dress last night at the Littlewoods awards it is from Dorothy Perkins ,a concession brand called Izabel and only 44euro! boots are Penneys last year !6th dp dress bogs

He said,she said-Dressing the kids

I am delighted that I got to have a healthy discussion/debate with the other half on dressing the kids,thanks to Ross from @Thestentedpapa.

It will probably come as no surprise to those who follow my Friday fashion series that I have a serious kids clothing addiction! My husband on the other half was in a sweat earlier this evening when I reminded him I was away with work for the next few days. Expecting to hear some nice term of endearment before I went to bed tonight, the following words fell from his lips,

” Will you please leave out their clothes for the next few days, I haven’t a clue what “creche clothes” are”.

For those not in the know they are the clothes that are about to go past their use by date, maybe a top has been destroyed by Spaghetti Bolognese forever and has a few orange stains on it, or by the next growth spurt will be gone too small- these are creche clothes and they have their own dedicated shelves in both kids rooms.


As part of Ross’ #HeSaidSheSaid series he has invited bloggers on to get things off their chests that might otherwise bubble under the marriage surface forever, in our case it was perfect to “chat\” about dressing the kids.

Have a read here

or here ;


8 ways to use work skills to raise your children

You know all those courses you attended back in school as part of career guidance where you learned “How to keep your customer happy” to “the customer is always right” in your first job. I bet you never thought you would be digging deep to using your skills on your “new customers” AKA in my case the twins.


Time Management

Hmmm, from day one Time management becomes an issue. Sleep deprivation, newborn euphoria, house cleaning( Ok not so much), cooking, need I go on . In actual fact I think the course you need to draw from here in the very early days is the Survival course. I didn’t foresee that I might possibly need to lower my standards and eat scraps from anywhere as I was passing through the blur of those newborn weeks. Bread became my best friend as it was so easy to grab sandwiches over anything else.




This is a specialised task , easier for women to get a grasp of than our male population for some reason.  Fine tune this skill because it will stand to you once you get through the newborn fuzz. You will look back and pat yourself  on the back. In my case being able to feed two babies, burb one whilst the other still fed and pick up the dodee that dropped on the floor with my foot was an achievement and gained me an hours quiet time after the mammoth feeding session was over. Now it will lend itself well to those panicked moments when the washing is ten feet deep , the dinner needs cooking and the kids need entertaining. I’m still fine tuning this skill  since these days I can’t leave the room without my kids screaming for me like they haven’t seen me in ten years.




You haven’t gotten the desired result,  this shows you how to move on and not let it overtake your emotions or future dealings. This is a skill that requires constant work and applies to all ages. Sleep forever will be a thing to aspire to. Enjoy the wins because remember that wave of “winning” may crash and burn at various times throughout your kids lives. When it comes back again welcome it back like an old friend but don’t forget what has happened in the past, ever. Accept the uncertainty that is children and prepare for all possibilities.




I thought I might not need to use these skills until the twins were at least talking properly but I do recall a moment when they were no more than 6 months old and one clobbered the other over the head in order to get the toy ball. Try reasoning with a six month old baby that the other ball ( identical by the way!) is as good as the one that was stolen from them. Don’t worry though you will get lots of practice at this. Take today, I had the helpful vocal inputs from the aggrieved party whose water was more bubbly than the others…..



Ah that old feeling that causes so much pain in work and personal situations throughout all our lives. Well let me tell you nothing hurts more than seeing the dinner you have slaved over  and cooked the minute you got in the door from work without taking so much as five-minute rest , now all over the floor. Those cute cherub mouths couldn’t possibly utter stinging words such as ” I don’t like that dinner” or did I just see a glint in the eyes as that statement(and plate) was flung at me.  I would begin to wonder about my cooking ability except for the fact that firm favourites can become the twins worst nightmare dinner the following day.



Stress Management

Rejection leads lovely into stress management. A week of dinners being fecked at you can result in the pressure cooker that is your brain begin to steam and hiss. Can I suggest here just turn on the TV and serve fish fingers, they will soon come back around to being mini dustbins. Eating and Sleep and lack thereof are the two things destined to send most of us to the internet ,to obsess and obsess some more over how to turn things around. We become balls of stress as we try to figure out what to do next  and find the Holy grail to read that will return behaviour to normal.


Mind Reading 

Let’s move swiftly onto the next point here shall we as whoever can mind read a toddler or baby will make millions when then figure out how to !


And I think we cannot end this session without a little, and I know it’s everyone’s’ favourite part of the training course,

Role Play

No moans and groans here I promise. It’s not like one of those role play courses you have done in the past. Here you get to have make believe tea parties, get eaten by dinosaurs. You can be a climbing frame for your kids to jump all over. Play train conductor, be Elsa or Anna,depending on your choice of sisters and slide down the slide in the playcentre and relive your youth with your kids at your side.

“Adulting” is tiring and every once in a while it’s just nice to plonk yourself down on the floor and play restaurant. In our one you are  guaranteed to always have lots of ice-cream and coffee. How bad !


Blog quote reasoning with a toddler




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