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When did our youth get so old…

Let me start by saying the fact that I am still a little bit wobbly in the tummy area a few years post twins and I’m facing a penultimate birthday in January may bear a little influence in how I am feeling as of late. I feel a little delicate about my ageing self however there is a question that has been nagging at me for some years now and I need to know I am not alone in my thoughts.


When did our youth get so old?


In recent years something has happened to our kids. Tweenagers could easily walk past a bouncer in the latest trendy nightclub without so much as a glance in their direction to question whether they were of legal age. No-one plays outside much anymore, in fact Christmas morning can be a miserable sight when you look out the window and only see the glows from other houses as technology has gained another follower. Back to what has me feeling perplexed. I had forgotten debs season was upon us as I sunk into my hotel lobby chair as supermodel after supermodel walked past me in a whiff of some tanning product, mixed with perfume, contouring and eyebrow products and a vast amount of giddy excitement. It was on reflection and as the last few stragglers (who could walk perfectly in 6 inch stilettos) walked by, stopped me in my tracks when I realised there wasn’t a contest on. I saw the corsages for the first time and the well dressed boy-men alongside them and realised these were  kids.

They were in perfectly fitted designer dresses with glowing tans, eyebrows, and eyeliner done so exquisitely that alone brought out the green eyed monster in me. I cast my mind back to my own debs night comparing my black handmade satin dress with matching elbow length gloves and a daring slit up my right thigh ,my  curled in blonde bob , Sun shimmered face, Max factored eyelashes and a swipe of Rimmel Heather shimmer on my lips to finish the look. Plus not forgetting plenty of concealer to hide the acne that made my life hell all my teenage years. Fast forward to present day and hair, make-up, nail and tan appointments were made probably as soon as the debs date was announced. The excitement of dress shopping would nearly be akin with wedding dress shopping. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them cost the same as a wedding dress!

When I look back at my debs photos I look like a baby, I wonder when these girls look back will they see the baby or do they need to go back further, to when they were twelve, thirteen. Before the uniform of their generation kicked in, coiffed to perfection.  In fact you might need to go back even younger , I was amazed recently watching a UK family entertainment show by a 12 years olds eye makeup! Did false lashes even exist 21 years ago?

I don’t think to this day if I practiced my eyeliner flick nightly in the two spares hours I have of an evening I’d come close to these girls. A makeup artist would need alot of concealer to hide the bags and no filter will remove the wrinkles but these have come from growing up, working hard, at some stage partying hard myself and then of course in recent years, being a Mammy. Is it just because I am officially “old” that I feel this way? I remember when growing up a family member was about to turn 30 and wasn’t very happy about their impending birthday and how at the time I may have thought 30 was old and a lifetime away. Now of course the irony that I am now nearing the end of that decade has come full circle but  I’d like to think we are young (ish…..).


Did these girls even notice me in the lobby? swigging the dregs from my coffee cup, the glow from my laptop only accentuating the bags under my eyes. Or were they totally consumed and rightly so on the fun of the evening ahead, the right of passage that comes with the final official school function or for some younger girls their first debs invite.  For all the confidence they exuded as they fluttered past maybe some were battling their own inner demons as they compare themselves to others around them too just like we did and in some ways still do, for differing reasons to this day. Let me say there is no malice intended here, they are beautiful girls inside and out and like we didn’t understand and don’t understand for good reason at times alot of our older generations ways and beliefs, generation Z were born sure and savvy and mature beyond their years.

They are extremely technologically advanced, sure we can see that in ten month old babies handling of smart phones. They exude confidence for the most part but don’t forget whilst they look ten years older they are subject to far far more than most of us ever did at that age. We had the ability to switch off when we left the school gates, to return to our safety nets of home and our friends in our cul-de-sacs. Exposure to social media 24/7 must feel relentless at times. Their four thousand close friends, vloggers, youtube tutorials all in their pockets all the time except when parents manage to pry them away for downtime. Whilst some video cassettes showing correct makeup application would have come in handy to me back then I do consider myself lucky to have grown up in the eighties. Kerbs, knockadolly, skipping, running around farmer Kelly’s field, they were fun times no internet in sight. There were no phones to use the selfie mode to take ten million pictures or use it as a handy portable mirror and I am grateful in a way that I grew up when I did. I wonder what it will be like when my own children enter the teenage years, by then the battle to be the cool mam will long be lost and maybe pieces from our childhood years may creep back into teenagers lives and intermingle with the positives from todays’ youths.

The pan stick and dodgy concealer may have been replaced with contouring perfection but wipe it away and the baby is still there underneath, in everyone.

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One for him,one for her & one for Mammy. Friday fashion

Today is all about sale bargains, primarily in Zara. I think I love their sale more than other high street brands. There is always great online bargains to be had and this sale around is no different.


First up for B is their sweatshirts, they always reduce them to between 7 and 10euro , they are perfect for the not so nice days, great quality and really cute too!

Here are my picks of what is in stock today;23rd bnlog artistzara sweatchirt23rd zara sweatshirt23rd boys anchor jumperEveryone knows about Zara’s legs for boys, they always come in really cute prints, wash well and are ready for the rough and tumble of little boys.

Here’s a few still online today;

23rd zara boys legs23rd leggings23rd joggersNext up for herself and a few of these are already winging their way home to us is the striped dress I posted recently, down to €12.99. I love the print of this and the dress is so soft it will be lovely to wear .

16th zara knot dress

23rd blog zara girl jacket23rd blog zara star pinafore23rd zara dragon fly smaller sies23rd capsule.jpg

Sizes vary in what is left but I managed to pick up all of the above for between 10 and 13euro, great value for adorable little girls dresses!


And for Mammy this week, there was only a quick run into Penneys after a cup of coffeee was spilled on my work clothes, they have lots of gorgeous floral dresses at 16euro which look great at work with a smart blazer or with flat sandals at the weekend.


I had my eye on a similar dress to this in Zara recently but love the Penneys version here, the high neck, on trend polka, smock style !23rd blog black net dress penneys.jpg


What is not to love about lilac and frills and only 7euro on the sales racks, I will put a little lace bralet under this ,available from 7euro in Penneys too.23rd blog penneys frills


Last but not least if you are feeling colour brave check out these jeans from Zara. I love their Bodycurve jeans, the fit is great on them and always snap some up in the sales.




23rd bodycurve.jpg


Happy Friday and have a great weekend 🙂

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When being a multiple Mam is hard.

It literally started for me when I made my first trip to the NICU unit to see my newborn twins. My husband wheeled me into a little room off NICU where our few hours old boy and girl lay in separate incubators.

Who do I go to look at first? Whose little finger do I caress through the incubator window to let them know Mammy is here?

After only getting a few minutes with them in theatre I was overwhelmed, finding it hard to believe my stomach was now empty and they were here. I needed to be with them, see them, hold them. I remember being in the middle of the two incubators flitting from one to the other. Sitting down in my wheelchair with my head going back and forth, eager to drink in every inch of them.

And then began my life as a twin mam a few minutes later when the NICU nurse brought them to me. My arms were filled with two babies, my empty belly forgotten as we were reunited. Looking down at my babies, whispering those promises we all whisper to our newborns, telling them how much we love them and how we will always be there for them.


It is easy to tell everyone how amazing being a mam to multiples is but it is hard to fully explain the inner battles you face as a twin mam.

Who to go to first?

This question has tormented me since the day the twins came home. There you are with two small babies who see you as their whole world and when Daddy is gone to work reality sets in and it sets in so fast you will be lucky if you remember those early days.  Short cycles of sleep and feeds take over the household from the get go. The act of winding and feeding two hungry babies takes mastering and it is a struggle in those early weeks when flying solo during the day. Latching two babies on alone is a skill that takes some amount of practising and because of reflux I had the added joy of winding through feeding. Another skill you learn is keeping one baby latched on whilst winding the other and then swapping over and doing the same thing all over again. But I got there and soon settled into our routine that worked for us.

That bubble unfortunately bursts quickly when both babies are upset. I recall one day making my way up to the bedroom and bursting into tears as I picked up one baby first to try settle them whilst the other took their crying to a whole other pitch only dogs and I could hear. Looking down at one baby staring at me wondering why Mammy was there but not picking them up was not a good feeling. Of course trying to settle one baby whilst the one you feel you have abandoned is screeching their lungs out only stretches the time out to when eventually calm is restored. It usually ended up being restored when you mastered picking up two smallies at the same time!



I like a lot of other multiple parents carry this ache no matter how old your children are because whether it’s when your kids are now in separate rooms and both need a parent or whether they are both sick and both want to sit on your knee and cuddle there is always a niggle chipping away in the background. For me I worried that I was not fully giving myself to each child as I did my  best to split my attention in the fairest way possible.

Maternity leave expectation versus reality as a twin mother

Before I knew we were expecting twins I had visions in my head of how maternity leave would be. Let’s just say this changed 360 degrees after I soon realised there was no room in the inn for us at any baby massage, baby fun play, and every other type of Mammy and baby class available to new mothers. Luckily for me I did find one Baby bootcamp in All Star moms where not only were we made to feel welcome but there was plenty of doting over the twins during class too from the fabulous instructor Sara. But for the most there was a sense of feeling excluded at a time when you need inclusion. You adore your babies but you crave adult interaction also.  This led to a further sense of isolation but I came across a silver lining luckily through the Irish multiple birth association online private platforms.  I was able to connect with other multiple parents to be, and also with those who had long left the baby years behind. Finally I felt supported and I met a fantastic group of women so it is important to let anyone expecting twins, triplets or quads know of this great charity and the members who make the life of being a twin mam less lonely in those days when you feel like the walls are closing in slightly.


As the months go on and you fall into a routine, and sleep sometimes happens, things feel easier. New milestones bring different challenges but a sense of control was back in play and it was great to feel more relaxed and be in a position to truly enjoy the babies. Ups and downs happen along the way but life is good, exhausting but good! And then completely out of left field an innocent day out to meet a friend and her little boy drags you down to the point where you are in floods of tears. A simple meet up at a baby event with twins who are walking and love nothing more than going in the opposite directions brought on an envy of those mothers with single babies sitting around drinking coffee and playing with their babies.  Short of restricting the twins to the buggy which would only have caused them to cry too I admitted defeat, apologised to my friend , left the event after 25 minutes and cried all the way home.


I remember that day so well nearly one and a half years later and I am instantly brought back to how badly I felt that day, like a blubbering mess as I packed up the car to go home. I felt jealous that I was literally torn in two and had let it completely overwhelm me to the point where I wondered what was the point in trying to go anywhere on my own with the twins other than a soft play area or confine them to the buggy or reins! However I also remember only two months later and I had brought the twins to a local national forest park on my own for a picnic on a sunny day and it is one of the happiest memories of my life. The difference in those two months was simple.

The evening of the disastrous playdate was a wake -up call for me. After the twins woke from their nap I was met with two big smiling faces, fours arms reaching up to wrap around my neck and two heads resting on separate shoulders. I inhaled them in and realised that I was the lucky one. Ok I am stretched in two far more than I would like some days but my heart is literally full with the adoration my two little people give me on a daily basis. In that moment I thought of others who would love to be in my position.

Fast forward to present day with the twins 3rd birthday looming in a few weeks and life is hectic. There is no denying there hasn’t been challenges with toddler twins. The cries of needing you get louder and the inner voice will always niggle as whether you responded to the one who needed you more first. The tantrums get louder and demands increase now they know their own voice can be pretty intense too.  Especially when it is two children bouncing off each other as to who can shout the loudest!

But life is hectic good. I laugh deep belly laughs every day with their antics. I get to see two people develop their little personalities and I am helping mould them by supporting and loving them and what a privilege it is to be a mam to multiples. So for all the multiple parents to be out there and those who have come out the other side, you are already amazing for bringing these babies into the world. Cut yourself some slack on the days you feel like everything is going wrong. They won’t always be so small and you won’t always feel how you do now on a bad day. You have this, never forget that !

 I found nothing helped more than power naps when the babies napped, because sure there is nothing else to be doing whilst your twins are napping, isn’t that right!

twins in cot

One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

Another mental week but the sun has started shining so say a prayer all we will need tomorrow is sunwear and sunscreen:)

Alot of sales have started and I have found with the small bit of online browsing I have done that stores must have alot of backstock to sell because items that have been in the Christmas sales last year on some of the popular high street stores are cropping up in their Summer online sales! My debit card has therefore heaved a sigh of relief that I have not bought a single thing online !


For the little boys out there I love these cargo shorts from Dunnes Stores, in a variety of colours and a lovely soft material that won’t chafe the skin during play. Plus you can never have too many pockets when your’e a little boy for all those shell collections!16th cargo shorts boys dunnes


I spotted these dungarees in teeny tiny sizes in Zara this week, and they go right up to a 3/4.  With a simple white T underneath these would be fab on little men who can rock the dungaree look. They’re lovely and lightweight too ,perfect for running around in.16th zara boys dungarees


Staying in Zara, for girls this week I spotted this gorgeous striped front knot dress. Teamed with a little pair of Converse for sunny days and layered over navy leggings this will see you through the seasons.16th zara knot dress

Dunnes have this checkered tunic which would be fab on A,paired with denim shorts or over white skinnes which they have instore too, but would not last very long in this household!


16th dunnes check tunic and white skinnies


And for me, I had to tear myself out of Penneys and away from this mustard tea dress. The pop of pink in the print would be fab with a pink heel and tanned legs and I love how these dresses can transition to Winter easily with a pair of black tights and ankle boots.

16th penneys mustard dress


I fell in love with this dress on the hanger. The cold shoulder and ribbon bowties make the dress. The sizing is huge on this, the 10 was like a tent on me but if I had had a skinny belt or was good with a needle and thread to knot this at the waist I would have bought it as it really was lovely on from the top to waist.


Tulle skirts are usually something at my age (sob!) I avoid ,I love them but feel you need just the right amount of puff to make them acceptable and not too young looking. This beautiful peach skirt from Dunnes is divine. I tried it on with the sequined cami I featured recently, the colours match perfectly, but ideally you would need to pair the skirt with a seamless top or one that ends above the wait of the skirt, as otherwise it bulks the waist ,which is what this cami did to the skirt. However there is no denying how pretty both pieces are individually and I’m sure will look lovely styled slightly differently.


Back to Zara for two final beauties. These shoes will never make it home with me, as they are suede and too light to keep clean with toddlers around but how lovely are these. The block heel felt very comfortable on and a good pricepoint too.16th zara shoes


Finally, Swoon! Whoever the buyer/designer of Zaras coats is is on the ball because they can do no wrong when it comes to coats, whether its their leathers, blazers, winter puffy coats or occasion wear everything is to die for. Look at this coat, the cut, the fit ,those sleeves! White and toddler twins don’t mix but I think I will have to go back and get this coat it hasn’t left my mind all day.

16th zara white coat


Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget the sunscreen 🙂


Guilt, be gone!

Snot, tears pouring down cheeks, red glassy eyes all before 830am and that was just me not to mind my little man, who I had just left in the crèche in an absolute heap.

I ran to the car my chest physically paining me wondering how I was going to transform into work mode a few minutes later when all I wanted to do was run back into the crèche, pick the twins up, go home and snuggle them for the day on the couch.  I had a deep urge to do anything to never see them upset like that ever again. To do anything so that I would never feel that heartbroken ever again.

The crèche owner is an absolute angel, I know the kids like it there, they are well looked after and she looks after me too. She gave me some advice that morning. She told me to go sit in the car for five minutes and ugly cry, get all the tears out, not that I needed any reminder to cry, but do it I did! She then told me to sneak back up to the window of their play room and have a peek inside after the five minutes were up.

My heart hammered in my mouth, I was sweating as the clock was ticking and I needed to get going, to be on time for work, but I needed to make sure my little guy was ok. (Herself would buy and sell me going in there every morning and I thank God that I had only one upset twin that morning, because I would be checking in somewhere if the two had been at it!) And there he was the rogue, big huge smile on his face, sitting on teachers lap at the table with all the other kids, snacking on Cheerios and playing with Lego. No tears in sight, not on the floor lamenting my departure, but a picture of happiness.

I literally felt the big ass guilt boulder detach itself from my back and felt 20 lbs lighter as I sat back in the drivers’ seat and was now ready to get on with my working day ( on time I might add too ).

Throughout the day I got pictures sent to me of the twins painting and playing and that evening when I collected them I was met with huge smiles, full bellies and the biggest hugs I never wanted to leave. That morning may aswell have been last year, there was absolutely no sign of any upset and balance had been restored.


Me on the other hand in the rare few minutes I snatched here and there to breathe was not the better for it throughout the day. I wish the guilt would just pee off for once and for all. I work and I need to build a bridge now and get over the fact that I am a Mam and I work. I work so I can have human interaction. Bills need to be paid.  I work for the kids so we can bring them out for nice meals, have little holidays, days away, treats. I work so they can see just like Daddy goes to work so does Mammy, and it is not a bad thing that I do that.  I want them to have dreams, goals, have the belief that whatever they want to do that they can go do it.

I don’t want them to sit there if children are in their futures and feel the guilt that I felt today. Looking from the outside in logic tells me cop on, this is so good for them. They are entering those exciting times of first friendships. They are becoming little people in their own right.

They are walking their first proper little independent steps and it’s from the happy secure base we have built from their birth that they should feel safe and excited to walk those steps. So they are secure in the knowledge that steps can be retraced at any stage and we are always there, arms waiting for them wide open, to recharge when they feel the need to ground themselves. But as open as our arms are they should remain open for them to leave freely too and not allow our own fears hold them back.

I read a similar blog post from Ruth over at @Itsjustaphase and she’s done with Mammy guilt and I think I will follow her lead and be rid for once and for all with it too!


you ca do it image

Giving the twins freedom and not losing any hair in the process.

There will come a day when you will give up your double buggy after one too many black eyes( I joke) from wrestling your twins into their seats . You will have had one too many stressful situations trying to manipulate two rigid kids into what they deem a medieval torture holding device and will find yourself in a sheer panic of “What the feck do I do now” ,when you want to go out and about.

To save you the stress of never ever feeling like you can venture outside again with two small toddlers, to stop you having nightmares of being on a walk and panicking as to who to run after first when both appear like they are walking a wild west draw walk. And to help you get outdoors once your twins need their independence but you still want your sanity ,two things saved us from a life cooped up indoors. One is slightly expensive but definitely worthwhile having whilst the other will raise eyebrows for some but look you need to get out with your kids so if it works for you ,do it!



Number one is the Twin trike.  I had to sneak ours out of the house only a few months ago even though it hadn’t been used in a long time. It was a firm favourite from the day we got it for the twins for their first birthday present. All of a sudden we could go out for walks, trips to the playground and it gave them 360 degree views , so everyone was happy. You will get lots of stares and lots of questions, it is striking looking but who cares you are all getting fresh air, getting shopping done etc.  So if anyone is wondering what to buy you for a first birthday present ,maybe ask a few people to chip in towards a Twin Tricycle. The buggy still remains to this day gathering dust in our hallway but I am not completely ready to part ways with that as of yet but the Trike was a great stepping stone to “freedom” for the twins and a brilliant investment.

trike baby


Number two, are , dare I mention the word, reins. When B started walking at 11 and a half months and A followed two weeks later I knew our time would be spent walking everywhere and anywhere they could. Living near a busy road with two kids who are loving the fact that toes which up to recently they stuffed in their mouths, now allowed them to get places on their own .

My explorers were ready for their first adventures and they didn’t always want to go on the same course. My arms were in danger of being pulled out of their sockets until other multiples mothers (arms intact!) advised me to look at reins.

These weren’t torturous chains that they strapped around their kids necks or wrists but cute little backpacks with straps and a wristband for parent attached.  Suddenly I saw an end to the tears from having to turn home , I saw freedom for the twins in shopping centres that they could walk safely ahead of us ,delighted in their little bit of freedom.

I saw them as a training tool to help them learn how to walk safely near roads, shopping centres and so on.  We train our children in all areas of their lives, we teach them how to roll over, go on all fours, crawl , walk . Why do people have an issue with an aid that keeps children safe, that assists in learning?

From day one the twins were delighted with their Minnie and Mickey mouse backpacks, each had a little snack, their dodie, and a toy packed away on their bag. They were able to walk that little further ahead or to the side of Mammy and Daddy . When on our own with them we would loop the handle over our arms and hold their hands ,teaching them to walk alongside us . And yes some people did stare, some kids did ask their parents why the babies had straps on them but more often that not the reactions we got were positive ones, smiles at the cuteness of the two lads strutting their stuff out and about.  I was lucky to be off last summer and without these as an added feeling of security we would not have been able to go on so many lovely days out exploring. To be able to go out as a multiple mam on your own walking in new places  during the early toddler years makes the world of difference to you all!

twins backpacks



Until someone is in a position where they have one baby running one way and the other baby running in the completely opposite direction don’t even acknowledge the look on their face should you feel the heat of their stare. Focus on the backs of your two little people revelling in their extensions from the one they love the most .



One for him, One for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

Very late this evening so just about getting this in for Friday, I had a very very long trip home from Dublin this evening. Anyhoo its the long weekend so I won’t grumble:)

Straight into these gorgeous denim shorts for B  from Tesco and how cute is this turquoise jumper from Tesco aswell for cooler summer evenings with the little legs rolled down on the shorts. The shorts have a lovely turquoise stitch in them and aren’t restrictive when on , which is important for little boys! I have been after denim shorts for ages so I was delighted to finally pick up a pair under 10euro and they will go with lots and clean well which is always good!

The jumper is lightweight so perfect for duller days with a nip in the air or for carrying along on holidays when the sun goes in , I adore this colour mix!

2nd june blog tesco jumper and shorts

For herself I just can’t wait until their birthday to show this absolute beauty the uber talented LinzyO handmade for A, with matching  small hair bow. She is a proper little princess at times and I should have videoed her reaction when she saw the pink dress  she got so excited.I have a girl who adores her princess dresses regardless of colour and this time around she wanted a pink dress , so I had to grant her little wish for her upcoming birthday.

2nd june blog linzyo dress

I also spotted these cute sandals on the Penneys page so the minute they arrive into store, I will have to try and get them (if they’re not already sold out)

2nd june girls sandals.png

Lastly , I have been lusting over this dress Craig from StyleintheCity , Penneys, posted earlier in the week and was praying that the dress would be as nice on and was still in stock in my size. Success on both accounts, Oh it is just divine, the pics don’t do the dress justice! The colour screams summer days and would bring you into nights too with loosely curled hair and barely there flats for the day and wedges in the evening.

I haven’t worn culottes since my confirmation many moons ago until these caught my eye in Penneys too. The frilled T is from there too!  These are so comfortable and I love the metallic button down the side its a nice change from the peg leg summer pants or full length loose legs that are around. The T looks great tucked in too as the waist is very flattering and sits just around the bellybutton on me. Sizing is generous I found. These are grey and they come in a lovely nude/beige colour too.

And because this weather is ever changing , back to Tesco for this fab rain parka/coat, its in-between in terms of cover and worth the 40euro pricetag as it will see you right through the Autumn .2nd june wet parka tesco.jpg

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone 🙂

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Soggy socks & sippy cups – From boob to beakers

Soggy socks set me off tonight on a trip down memory lane! As I squelched into the kitchen for the umpteenth time that evening for kitchen roll to mop up a pool of water on the ground I  smiled back fondly to days of simple choices of left or right. There was little to zero chance of having to mop up anything than a little bit of split milk as I breast fed the twins in the early days. Wet feet soon jolted me out of those lovely memories of feeding the twins and brought me straight back to the present day!

These days as we are nearing the end of our cycle of boob, bottle, sippy cups, beakers, non spill bottles, free flow bottles and onto cups I cannot believe the amount of time, energy and money us parents spend on an item to hold liquid for our children to drink/spill from.

Our first moment of frustration was bore from the many different bottles and teats that are out there in the marketplace. When my breastfeeding journey came to an end and solids were beginning ,with a cows milk intolerance with A and reflux with B to contend with it was vital the correct bottles were chosen.  Let’s just say the twenty Tommee Tippee bottles came in handy as paint mixing pots for himself , as nice as they were in terms of being as close to a human nipple as possible unfortunately they didn’t suit the twins  and they were shipped off out of the kids press to another room in the house.

So wallets a little less full we researched what to try next and then took out a bank loan for our next set of bottles, all hail Dr Brown. They worked ! Followed swiftly by mutterings at the sink that evening of hating washing those feckin things . Followed further by extensions to the loan to purchase said bottles for different flow teats and extra bottles when it became too much to wash the same six every feed cycle! 

I consider myself to be of normal intelligence but whilst these bottles resolved issues with wind and helped with the “S” word during the night ,in the beginning we did wonder was there a trick we were missing to the dismantling of these bottles every feed. Why would a baby’s bottle require online conferences with other mammies on how utterly time-consuming this chore was and what quick way there was to dismantle them. But they settled the kids so it was something that we put up with for a long long time. I cannot begin to tell you the absolute joy I felt when I donated the last Dr. Browns bottles and banished them from our house forever. To this day when I see them in the shop I personally tell Dr.B to feck himself ,followed swiftly by an acknowledgement of thanks for the wind resolution.


Along with new bottles during solids came the trial and error of the sippy cup . Every household in Ireland and beyond has a press full of cups, beakers, straws and missing parts from all these different makes and our house is the same. Starting out was easy , we got two own brand Mothercare from 4 months and upwards beakers and they did the job. The twins love affair with water began and to this day continues.

As they got bigger and thirstier it was time to buy bigger shelf ornaments. 

Rubber teats on beakers were not entertained and hurled on the floor sometimes leaving you in that momentary panic of “oh shit you’ve broken my toe,  with that thing” tears would come from me and then from the twins ,upset at seeing me crying. Cue rubber teat beakers promptly being relegated to the shelf . Beakers with inbuilt plastic straws became more chewed than our skirting boards from our dog when he was a puppy and joined their rubber friends on the no likey shelf.

sippy cup



And then a miracle happened. I was in Boots one day scratching my head at a sippy cup wondering how it worked. I had a blue and a pink one in each hand , shaking them at the twins  over excitedly and declaring these looked like lovely beakers and would they like them. The twins unable to answer of course being young babies  looked up at me from their buggy with dazed expressions possibly wondering why Mammy had an air of desperation about her. Then a lovely twin mam side stepped me and told me these cups would change everything, I swiftly bought them and never looked back. The Munchkin 360 cup was a life changer for us and I know for many other mams out there. They could be hurled across a room and not spill!!!! They could be drank the right way , wrong way , from any side, up or down and not spill !!!!! Granted they still hurt when they landed on your foot but after a brief few moments of confusion on how to work them (suck through the plastic bit )we never looked back. As the twins got older I bought two larger cups with no handles to help train them into using cups one day and to this day the tops are long screwed off and all four are used as beakers. This is a great selling point for me as other beakers/bottle are purely that and cannot change with your child as they grow up .


Anyway the story doesn’t end there because cocky now that my kids are brilliant and drink from cups I needed something new for out and about. Picking up two Tommee Tippee (sorry TT I am not picking on you )  free flow beakers I thought perfect job done. I WAS SO SO WRONG. Free flow anything and children do not mix, ever. It is like giving a hose to a child, they will want to spill water everywhere. Our arses have been wet more times from sitting down on the couch only to find a beaker stuffed behind the couch, on it’s side empty after spilling its entire contents down the cushions.  Lovely little pools of water exist all over the house for A’s animals to feed from or when B’s Blaze needs some water to cool down his blazing speed. My feet of course are always happy to be freezing cold for the night after squelching around in soggy socks for half the night as I run out of dry pairs from all the discoveries of water pit stops!

Who knows what the way forward is ? Cups are currently on trial, taken away but offered often yet this so far has turned into places for dinner to be hidden in so we might have to rethink that one quickly. Kids being kids saw nothing wrong with drinking  soggy Fish Stew from their cups last night and who am I to complain, dinner eaten and rehydrated in one go, happy days 🙂


spilt drink.jpg

One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday Fashion

Thanks to my friend Trish I went hunting in Dunnes for a pair of gorgeous boys shorts for B in the Leigh Tucker range, but they’re obviously popular as nowhere I have checked have the size I needed!

That didn’t stop me from checking out all the other really cute kids offerings they have instore at the moment.

I am a sucker for little knit polos for boys, they’re the right side of dressy casual without being too dressed up. This polo is a very light knit and the colour combo means different jeans/shorts/pants will get you through lots of different occasions.

25th blog boys knit polo leigh tucker

Penneys have brought out a yellow stripe of the blue shorts which I picked up recently and would be lovely on holidays with the Dunnes polo shirt.

25yh blog yellow white shorts.jpg

They’re literally are no words for this dress ,other than WOW! Don’t mind A, I need this dress for myself, or I wonder would they consider jumping on board the “twinning” trend and bringing out a matching Mammy dress.

It’s 35euro from Leigh Tucker but such good quality and a stunning little girls dress !

.25th blog leigh tuckcer 35euro white cherry blossom dress.jpg

How cute is this Dunnes own range denim off shoulder dress for girls, it’s a steal at only 10euro and could easily be layered up with leggings and a cardi for normal Irish weather!

25th blog 10 girls denim off shoudler

And for Mammy this week , staying in Dunnes this beautiful sequined cami caught my eye. I love how versatile camis are and this would bring you right through Summer with white skinnies to leathers in the colder nights.

25th blog Savida Sequin 25euro.jpg

I’d throw this beauty from Zara over it with white jeans and wedges. Zara are my go to shop for casual coats and I picked up my mustard leather coat there last year so was delighted to see the frill leather jacket in that beautiful colour.

25th zara

Last what week would be complete without a quick dash into Penneys:)

This dress in silk is so soft, with a lovely tie feature on the back which isn’t pictured but continues the frill trend which shows no sign of leaving stores anytime soon, not that I am complaining.  This dress is versatile to suite bare legs now and black tights alike in the winter months.At  16 euro you can’t go wrong . The right undies underneath is a must of course !

25th blog penneys dress me

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun keeps shining:)

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