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One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

Happy Friday, St Patrick's day in advance and long weekend:) I was zooming around the high street shops on my lunch breaks desperately trying to find the twins green hues of clothing for St. Patrick's day so snapped a few... Continue Reading →


Looking beyond the cuteness of newborns and toddlers, the spills and not so thrills.

As I mopped up spilled juice this evening after dinner I wondered am I forever to be cleaner of fluids especially where the twins are concerned. Now that they are nearly four I do get them to fetch the kitchen... Continue Reading →

Mothers day x

Another year has passed and what a year it has been.  There's been lots of highs and lots of lows unfortunately but on Mothers day it would be remiss of me not to tell my Mam how much I love... Continue Reading →

One for him, one for her & one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

What a week it has been. The snow continued to cause havoc for lots of the country with huge snow drifts still being cleared down in the South East. Yesterday was International womens day, a day where women came out... Continue Reading →

Mothers day desires

As we approach Mothers day 2018 my wishlist from 2017 has not changed that much. We are going through another rough patch of sickness so sleep continues to be as elusive as ever. It’s been a year of ups and downs since last Mothers day but as my two grow up I am as proud as ever to be their Mammy. (Just give me a run of a few weeks of sleep )


It’s a universal list I think judging from all the other great posts I’ve read all week , kind of like a one size fits all in what we really would like for Mother’s day.

Loo trips

The ability to go to the loo in peace ranks up there quite highly. Miss A in particular seems to think I like nothing more than hearing her screeching for me every time I dare step out of her line of sight so I think a nice little basket of Earplugs left on top of the loo is a good starting point as a pressie.


More earplugs

Actually lets ask for more earplugs because you know those nights that are your night off nights.Those nights during a spell of #whywon’tmykidssleep nights and you and your other half take it in turns to endure the zombieshuffle back and forth to the kids bedrooms. But for…

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One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

I must have known last weekend that we would be housebound this week with the snow as I popped into Dunnes and Born in the Parkway shopping centre after our swimming lesson and found a few beauties for women and... Continue Reading →

Leaving your twins behind in NICU.

  I wanted to be with them, needed to be with them, to hold them ,feed them ,tell them I was their Mammy . But I couldn’t , my husband was with them in NICU , I knew he was... Continue Reading →

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy.Friday fashion.

Another Friday has come around at last and ignoring the obvious cold that has crept back in today I am looking to the Spring Summer ahead as are the shops with some lovely pieces in store for children and women.... Continue Reading →

Mammy who are you when you are not Mammy ? Wise words from my three year old

I had an interesting conversation with my three and a half-year old twins over the weekend. My son turned to me as we sat cosied up on the couch,winding down for bed-time, our bodies growing weary from a packed day... Continue Reading →

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