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When being a multiple Mam is hard.




I am resharing this post as I am off for a night with the other half to celebrate our wedding anniversary and it is also around the day we went on our first date(it was that long ago we can’t remember the specific date!)

When I look at where we are now versus way back when and all we have been through, bad times and good, I am content and happy.  And now being multiples parents too is amazing but something we don’t do often enough is spend quality alone time together,like most parents to young kids.

So for those feeling like we did and do at times in this piece ,call a friend or family member and book some time together xx

It literally started for me when I made my first trip to the NICU unit to see my newborn twins. My husband wheeled me into a little room off NICU where our few hours old boy and girl lay in separate incubators.

Who do I go to look at first? Whose little finger do I caress through the incubator window to let them know Mammy is here?

After only getting a few minutes with them in theatre I was overwhelmed, finding it hard to believe my stomach was now empty and they were here. I needed to be with them, see them, hold them. I remember being in the middle of the two incubators flitting from one to the other. Sitting down in my wheelchair with my head going back and forth, eager to drink in every inch of them.

And then began my life as a twin mam a few minutes later when the NICU nurse brought them to me. My arms were filled with two babies, my empty belly forgotten as we were reunited. Looking down at my babies, whispering those promises we all whisper to our newborns, telling them how much we love them and how we will always be there for them.


It is easy to tell everyone how amazing being a mam to multiples is but it is hard to fully explain the inner battles you face as a twin mam.

Who to go to first?

This question has tormented me since the day the twins came home. There you are with two small babies who see you as their whole world and when Daddy is gone to work reality sets in and it sets in so fast you will be lucky if you remember those early days.  Short cycles of sleep and feeds take over the household from the get go. The act of winding and feeding two hungry babies takes mastering and it is a struggle in those early weeks when flying solo during the day. Latching two babies on alone is a skill that takes some amount of practising and because of reflux I had the added joy of winding through feeding. Another skill you learn is keeping one baby latched on whilst winding the other and then swapping over and doing the same thing all over again. But I got there and soon settled into our routine that worked for us.

That bubble unfortunately bursts quickly when both babies are upset. I recall one day making my way up to the bedroom and bursting into tears as I picked up one baby first to try settle them whilst the other took their crying to a whole other pitch only dogs and I could hear. Looking down at one baby staring at me wondering why Mammy was there but not picking them up was not a good feeling. Of course trying to settle one baby whilst the one you feel you have abandoned is screeching their lungs out only stretches the time out to when eventually calm is restored. It usually ended up being restored when you mastered picking up two smallies at the same time!



I like a lot of other multiple parents carry this ache no matter how old your children are because whether it’s when your kids are now in separate rooms and both need a parent or whether they are both sick and both want to sit on your knee and cuddle there is always a niggle chipping away in the background. For me I worried that I was not fully giving myself to each child as I did my  best to split my attention in the fairest way possible.

Maternity leave expectation versus reality as a twin mother

Before I knew we were expecting twins I had visions in my head of how maternity leave would be. Let’s just say this changed 360 degrees after I soon realised there was no room in the inn for us at any baby massage, baby fun play, and every other type of Mammy and baby class available to new mothers. Luckily for me I did find one Baby bootcamp in All Star moms where not only were we made to feel welcome but there was plenty of doting over the twins during class too from the fabulous instructor Sara. But for the most there was a sense of feeling excluded at a time when you need inclusion. You adore your babies but you crave adult interaction also.  This led to a further sense of isolation but I came across a silver lining luckily through the Irish multiple birth association online private platforms.  I was able to connect with other multiple parents to be, and also with those who had long left the baby years behind. Finally I felt supported and I met a fantastic group of women so it is important to let anyone expecting twins, triplets or quads know of this great charity and the members who make the life of being a twin mam less lonely in those days when you feel like the walls are closing in slightly.


As the months go on and you fall into a routine, and sleep sometimes happens, things feel easier. New milestones bring different challenges but a sense of control was back in play and it was great to feel more relaxed and be in a position to truly enjoy the babies. Ups and downs happen along the way but life is good, exhausting but good! And then completely out of left field an innocent day out to meet a friend and her little boy drags you down to the point where you are in floods of tears. A simple meet up at a baby event with twins who are walking and love nothing more than going in the opposite directions brought on an envy of those mothers with single babies sitting around drinking coffee and playing with their babies.  Short of restricting the twins to the buggy which would only have caused them to cry too I admitted defeat, apologised to my friend , left the event after 25 minutes and cried all the way home.


I remember that day so well nearly one and a half years later and I am instantly brought back to how badly I felt that day, like a blubbering mess as I packed up the car to go home. I felt jealous that I was literally torn in two and had let it completely overwhelm me to the point where I wondered what was the point in trying to go anywhere on my own with the twins other than a soft play area or confine them to the buggy or reins! However I also remember only two months later and I had brought the twins to a local national forest park on my own for a picnic on a sunny day and it is one of the happiest memories of my life. The difference in those two months was simple.

The evening of the disastrous playdate was a wake -up call for me. After the twins woke from their nap I was met with two big smiling faces, fours arms reaching up to wrap around my neck and two heads resting on separate shoulders. I inhaled them in and realised that I was the lucky one. Ok I am stretched in two far more than I would like some days but my heart is literally full with the adoration my two little people give me on a daily basis. In that moment I thought of others who would love to be in my position.

Fast forward to present day with the twins 3rd birthday looming in a few weeks and life is hectic. There is no denying there hasn’t been challenges with toddler twins. The cries of needing you get louder and the inner voice will always niggle as whether you responded to the one who needed you more first. The tantrums get louder and demands increase now they know their own voice can be pretty intense too.  Especially when it is two children bouncing off each other as to who can shout the loudest!

But life is hectic good. I laugh deep belly laughs every day with their antics. I get to see two people develop their little personalities and I am helping mould them by supporting and loving them and what a privilege it is to be a mam to multiples. So for all the multiple parents to be out there and those who have come out the other side, you are already amazing for bringing these babies into the world. Cut yourself some slack on the days you feel like everything is going wrong. They won’t always be so small and you won’t always feel how you do now on a bad day. You have this, never forget that !

 I found nothing helped more than power naps when the babies napped, because sure there is nothing else to be doing whilst your twins are napping, isn’t that right!

twins in cot

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

We are on holidays this week so I am nowhere near the shops, thank God says my debit card! However the beauty of online shopping remains but wanting to spend quality time with the kids meant my browsing has been limited to a very quick look online for cheap and cheerful clothes for playschool( yes I cannot believe they are starting fulltime in a few weeks! ) and I spotted a few nice dressier pieces for all of us in Penneys and Littlewoods.


First up for boys how cute are these car design pants, comfy yet still cool and only 10euro! A Tshirt for the weeks ahead in bright colours will go perfectly with the pants and in colder weather this borg lined hoodie is only 15euro , both from Littlewoods.


11th boy hoodie borg lined 15euro11th cars pant 10euro


Popping over to the Primark site I was really disappointed that younger boys seem to be forgotten alot and whenever I see something really nice it is available in babies or older boys,now I will always find a few cute pieces and maybe I need to up my boy shopping skills but the babies got some really lovely space themed pieces in this week and I will keep my fingers crossed the younger boys follow suit next week.

What I did spot on the main Primark page as being instore this week were the following mix and match pieces.11th boys jumper free to explore11th boys grey jeans11th boys tshirt galatic degender11th boy astronaut top


Staying in Penneys for younger girls, I can’t resist the biker jackets to twin with my ones and it would look adorable over this floral belted dress. For another outfit just layer over the dress this cute knit and pair with the brown fringed boots I featured recently.11th penneys floral dress11th penneys younger girls biker jacket11th cat jumperIn the Littlewoods clearance I found some lovely tunic dress and leggings sets which are perfect for playschool and will keep my little girl happy she is still wearing dresses to playschool most days! These two sets are only €12.50 and 14euro, happy days!

11th girls set, 12euro11th grey markle and tutu 14euro



And for Mammy this week , I still managed to curb my Penneys addiction by browsing online and something a little different this week to begin with, maybe something for the weekend 🙂 Or I could see this as perfect for bridal underwear, it is so so pretty!


Next up I put together this casual look where each piece can be dressed up or down with other pieces. I love the two boots here, how girly are the pink lace ups, I love them!


Back at Littlewoods I am starting to build my Autumn/Winter dress collection which will be perfect with tights and the flat boots above from Penneys, and previous weeks fringed purchase. Look at these lovely prints in new stock right now,the floral print dress could be dressed up or down with the ankle boots and tights or paired with barely there heels and a leather jacket to make it less formal.

The red and striped dresses are perfect casual weekend dresses running around with the kids!11th littlewoods tea dress 25euro11th red littlewoods dress11th vila dress 32euro



Have a great weekend whereever it takes you 🙂


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I will always be Mama.

I will remember to my last days the first time I looked at your little red lips pursing up, the concentration and light of life in your crystal blue eyes as you, almost it seemed surprised yourself at the sound that came from your mouth. Mouths opened and out popped,


As a mother I yearned for the day my little one would start communicating with me and a few weeks after Daddy claimed the title with both twins, there it was, almost a validation that yes I was your Mamamamama, now you had told me. Sounds silly maybe to some but for me this moment was so special, to hear my child who I had nursed and cuddled in the depths of the night stumble over their first attempt all the while locking eyes with me so I knew it was definitely aimed at me and not the cat on BabyTV. A rush of love so intense floored me, and as the twins confidence grew it wasn’t long before it became distinguishable as Mama. Every time they would in their very cute baby voices call me I would melt ( sure don’t they all have the most adorable voices!)  I am sure they both used this to their advantage at times, “look at the one who minds us doing anything we want just because we made the sound she likes, ha ha ,here have another Mama and give us a snack”! Rascals…


And so Mama remained for months, their language developed rapidly and it wasn’t long before fully fledged conversations were being held. I found this difficult at first to comprehend how two little ones had progressed from 4/5 word sentences in a matter of months to when they were 1 and a half asking how engines work.

But one thing that remained constant throughout their journey through language was Mama. No matter what passed their lips I was always Mama, until one day I became Mammy. Ok, still cute hearing it in their little kiddie voices, I can handle this. So my children were growing up and I did mourn that soft spoken ” Mama”, it always sounded like it tripped out with a soft breath, so baby like . I could handle being called Mammy.

With Mammy came the cheeky twos though, Mammy was mixed with tantrums. It rhymes well with referee for a reason I sound found out as the twins figured out their own strengths and weaknesses.  Mammy was requested more and more to intervene when sharing was clearly not on the agenda.

But a new milestone came with Mammy, this time it would completely floor me. The first real heartfelt “I love you Mammy”.  The one where you feel your childs’ intense love. It knocked me momentarily as I remained locked in wonder with eyes and could have stayed in that position forever. I love yous had been said for some time, but this time had been different. It was another stage in their growing up. The one where they were confident of their emotions and in charge of them. They were showing their control over their love.

And then the day came this week, my heart broke a little I will admit. It took me a minute before I even realised the sound came from my little girls’ mouth.


No way, she is only three,this is not happening, I need to be Mammy forever. It was hard enough knowing the years of being called Mammy, if the last three years are anything to go by would disappear in a haze of early primary school and the evolution to Mam status would be on me soon enough. I am not ready for the twins to call me anything other than their Mammy.

Their inquisitive nature has over the last few weeks brought questions on what all their family members names are. Nana, Granda, Granny, Grandad, aunts and uncles, all are followed with first names now. Cousins get called cousin x to their faces. It was actually quite cute, until I realised this specific naming wasn’t just for relations, it would happen to me too. Daddy remains Daddy however…

I blame in part a very well known singer, with amazing eyeliner partly for this happening. On most car journies her beautiful voice accompanies us and the twins get excited when they hear the man on the radio saying my name. Sorry Adele, when I hear your voice coming now on the radio I switch stations.

Since my little girl broke my heart, no matter how cute the way she pronounced my name was, I lived in mothering fear that this was it, I was no longer Mammy. I have friends whose children have called them by their first names from this age and some are ok with it. Others hold the same sorrow I imagine I would hold if this was to becoming a permanent name change. It was hopefully a once off as there has been about two hundred Mammies being aimed at me since, I think my reaction resonated somewhere as much as it can in a three year old.

Maybe I am being a tad over dramatic but to me Mammy is special ,I am so thankful I hear this word from two mouths every day and sometimes too many times in a day.

But you know that Mammy you hear at the end of the day. The one where two arms or in my case four arms snuggle me and say goodnight, that has to last me until morning time ,when it begins our day as Mammy and son and daughter.

me and kids


One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

Happy la la la la lala long weekend everyone 🙂 I hope the rain stays away and everyone enjoys the sun that crept in this afternoon, let’s hope it stays for the bank holiday.

I was out alot this week passing through several Dunnes on my travels and found some lovely bits for boys, girls, women and the house alike. First off as always over in the boys section we all know by now how obsessed with little boys checkered shirts I am so this shirt with the yellow through it caught my eye, wear it open with sleeves rolled up for now over a white T-Shirt to keep it summery and later sleeves down closed or open with this really cute monkey long sleeve top underneath.

5th dunnes boys shirt

5th dunnes topsThis grey dino top ended up coming home with us, its not as heavy as a jumper but a little warmer than normal long sleeved tops so is the perfect inbetween top.

I also loved this red sleeved granda collar long sleeved top which B has already worn this week , I actually paired it with mustard jeans which looked fab and look as good paired with the darker denim beneath in the photo.

5th dunnes boys top and jeans


Space themes seem to be everywhere which will make the twins happy! I love the monochrome look here in the boys jumpers and dungarees combo in Mothercare at the moment for boys.5th mothercare boys jumpr, dungarees


For girls back to Dunnes and the current stock really is gorgeous!  This paint splattered design dress/tunic made it home, a steal at only €8! It would look lovely with these really cute hitops for only 20euro and on my way out I spotted this embroidered denim dress which the boots would work lovely with too.

A pink floral raincoat is a must and this coat is slightly thicker than raincoat material so will work well into Autumn.5th dunnes girls raincoat5th dunner paint dfress5th dunnes dress girl5th girls boots


For Mammy this week I am on a strict no spend but it didn’t stop me lusting over this beautiful take on the mac in Dunnes!5th dunnes coat

I also spotted this gorgeous lace blouse which I would pair with these rose gold shoes and either a leather pants/skirt for an evening look.5th dunnes shoes5th dunnes blouse


I ran into Born clothing in the Parkway shopping centre in Limerick today and wanted to leave with half the shop, this floral frill dress dragged me and the twins in, I definitely need to go back on my own for a better look as I was being dragged back out by the kids.

5th born dress

I will be going back for one of these ” shackets”, they had them in every colour and are perfect for this time of year and for the next few months. I also love the dark denim pinafore dress, paired with a Tshirt for now and with a polo and chunky tights in the winter this dress will take you right through the year.


And for the home, I had a quick trip through the home section in Dunnes and loved these few bits for the kids rooms and a few bits for a main bedroom too.



Happy shopping 🙂

Rediscovering Limerick’s People’s park

An appointment in Limerick city brought me down the road from the People’s park, located off Pery square in the Georgian quarter of Limerick. The last time I was there with himself and the twins was for a foodtruck festival a few months back but we only stuck to the foodtruck part with the rain on the day. The park is away from the main shopping area of Limerick city, but close by to the train station for those visiting and with one of the largest Georgain streetscapes in Ireland in this area it is well worth a stroll up to the park, taking in the architecture and stopping by the statue of Daniel O’Connell in the Cresent, and continuing to the Tait Clock, a gothic style clock tower, in Baker place.

However earlier this week the sun was shining, the twins were looking to burn off some energy and they spotted the playground through the bushes so I had little choice with four little arms pulling me in the gates! When something is not too far from your doorstep( 25 minute drive) you can often forget how nice it is , after spending a lovely few hours in the park I will add it to the list of places to bring the kids again during the time off this Summer.

park 8

Not alot of parks have an art gallery at its entrance and you will find the Limerick city Gallery of Art to the right of the main entrance gates, entry is free and taking after their artist Daddy ,the twins enjoyed a quick walk around the ground floor temporary and permanent exhibitions. They also fully enjoyed Zest cafe’s muffins and I enjoyed the coffee even more. Zest cafe is located off the gallery’s ground floor, and was a welcome break after a few hours of running around. Limerick locals will be familar with Zest in other areas of Limerick and their salads and cakes are to die for !

park 10 cupcakes gallery.jpg

In the park itself you will find a  fully fenced large playground suitable from baby to 10 years of age with all the usual pieces to keep the kids entertained.

My two love exploring and we had great fun running from the drinking fountain to the bandstand and gazebo. Lots of fun was had at the giant pillar memorial to Thomas Spring Rice, (an MP to the city from 1820-1835) running around the pillar and rolling down the slopes nearly crashing into the beautiful roses surrounding it.

park 2

park use bandstandpark 5park 1

The gardener has to get a mention as the flowers throughout add a beautiful splash of colour to the landscape and nearly every flowerbed required sniffing by the kids!

park 6 use

So if you are visiting Limerick for the day or like me living in the county and don’t visit town too much ,make sure when you do to bring the kids for a run about or just a stroll yourself and take a seat on one of the various benches dotted throughout the park and enjoy the views!

park use this

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Our visit to Dreamland

We have been meaning to pay a visit to Shay Kinsella’s Dreamland since it opened in Limerick last year and a few days shy of the twins third birthdays’ we did just that.

Our eight year old nephew came along too and whilst I think overall it is suited to slightly younger kids, he did give it a thumbs up and a nod of approval when asked would he go again! There is an age limit of 9 years old here for children.

Dreamland is Ireland’s first all-inclusive play centre for all children to play together regardless of their ability or disability. Dreamland is the vision of the Share A Dream Foundation.

This is different to your typical soft play centre, I would describe it as a wonderland role-play world. As you turn the corner of the wide ramped entrance a bright colourful village waits for you to visit. The first thing you notice on the way down the ramp is a window into the inside of an airplane and as you enter Dreamland you duck under the plane’s nose! To the right is a castle with climbing frame and a big shiny slide to escape down from. You get to visit the post office, do your grocery shopping in the onsite supermarket and experience a computerised floor light game which had both adults and kids enthralled!



Little boys and girls alike had great fun dressing up as fire officers in the fire- station before heading over to the construction site, games room and finishing the shift off with a dance in the disco cave. When noise levels got too high we paid a brief visit to the sensory room which is a calm room with bubble lights, textured cloths and lighted carpets.

No visit would be complete without visiting the dress up parlour where you could run around Dreamworld as a princess, knight or fire-man. Then if you were undecided if vetinary, hairdressing, or medicine was for you, there were opportunites to play in the hospital, hairdresser and vetinary offices.

Donald Duck went down a treat with the twins and it was great that he happily posed for photos with each and every child that wanted their picture taken at the throne.

Parents can if they want sit upstairs and have teas/coffess but to be honest it was so much fun playing and interacting with the twins and other kids, that we spent the entire time slot in Dreamworld too. The big shiny slide is a big attraction which meant we spent a lot of time travelling up and down this area (strict height /age restrictions apply to sliding solo) but it was a good excuse for us to enjoy the slide!


There has been debates over the price and it would be remiss of me not to mention it, yes I think compared to a soft play centre it is priced higher given the adults pay but this is an experience the whole family will truly enjoy. The price for adults helps subsidise the cost for sick and disabled children to visit for free. I am happy to pay that little bit more to one place where all children can play together on equal playing ground then I am happy to pay that little extra. For two adults, and three kids we paid €40.

We left Dreamland with memories of great family fun, flying planes, buying all the croissants in the supermarket, manning the fire-station and sliding down the slide and will certainly be back again to make some new memories with the twins!




You can find more details on their website or over on Facebook


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One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion

I popped into Heatons to see if there were any sales bargains left today for kids and found a few lovely bits, aswell as some nice pieces in the new stock aswell.

For himself in the new stock I found this lovely mustard hoodie, perfect for playgrounds to keep him in sight and a nice comfy fit too. It looks more yellow in the pic but is a gorgeous mustard colour and how cute is the star print in the hood.28th hoodie.jpg

It goes perfect over these shorts which are now down to 3euro! in Penneys, you will know I bought these in the blue and white and loved the yellow so much i have bought next years sizes too.yellow shorts (2).jpg

I am a sucker for checkered shirts on boys and OK I know it is still only July but all the shops are bringing in Autumn wear, for now you could just wear the top that comes with these shirts from Penneys and then layer the shirt over when the temperatures dip.

boys shirts.jpg


Back to Heatons for herself and the great thing since Sports Direct tookover is that designer brands are instore now and currently up to 70% off! There are some really cute cotton summer dresses (French Connection) for €5 and €7 but I was drawn to this beautiful dress and 60’s inspired playsuit, granted they won’t be everyones’ cup of tea but I adore them! I only wish they had them in adult sizes as I would snap them up for myself.

fcuk playsuitfcuk print

Popping back to Penneys for herself and I love this pink flower print dress which will be gorgeous with chunky knit tights and these boots! A little faux fur gillet layered over it would be a lovely Autumn dressAndp boots

And for Mammy this week, I raided the kids shoes section again and got size 4 in the boots pictured above for only 16euro! They are so comfy and will be fab under tea dresses and skinnies and chunky jumpers alike! I’m sorry these were too cute not to twin with herself 🙂

I also got to try on the pink suede longline coat which I think is absolutely stunning, it is perfect for duller days and a great transitional piece. The pricetag is 36euro so a little steep for Penneys but I do think it is worth it as it is a good quality coat. I spotted a pink version of the charcoal biker coat I got a few weeks ago not too dissimilar to the Zara version instore a few months now but at a cheaper price.

p pink coat me.jpg

p pink biker

For a summery work look these pink frilled pants paired with either blouse fit the bill or you could pair the biker coat for a more casual weekend look.

pants tops.jpg


There are some gorgeous dresses instore too at the moment. I love this mustard frill dress(would be lovely with the boots above for a more casual daytime look) and the fuschia/black/white dresses are gorgeous.

p mustard dressp black and pink dresses

Lastly I am on the hunt for this dress which I haven’t seen instore but cannot wait to try on, to me it is the ultimate Autumn tea-dress. I love the 70’s vibe of the print and the high neck.

yellow dress p.png



So there is lots of really nice bits in Penneys at the moment and with all stores clearing stocks for Autumn the next few weeks should be fun as we lust over everything.


Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


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The day of the twins third birthday party as the hot food was cooking in the oven and thirty minutes before the party was due to start our electricity went. It was a Saturday afternoon, slightly rainy but warm( welcome to Irish summers!) and we expected the power to come back moments later. But it didn’t, in fact there turned out to be a major fault in the area and we ended up without power for 5 hours! So there we were, sans power, with an oven full of half cooked food, a fridge groaning with food left to be cooked, and packed with freshly baked cakes and no TV for those who really didn’t want to play pass the parcel. Panic set in as we scrambled to get phones to play some music, go to the shop to buy disposable barbeques and rescue the party.  All phones have little to no power left in them so music was limited, disposable barbeques don’t cook bbq spare ribs fast enough and no lights on a dull day threatened to dampen the mood.

Then the mini Jenga that sat on a table untouched was opened, the photo-booth kit was played with (momentarily) and the chat resumed. Panic over! Some of the burgers were a little charred around the edges but the food was hoovered up after desserts and cake were served first to stave off the hunger pangs. We had a great day and when the lights (and oven) came back on all those hours later I realised they weren’t even missed. We probably all chatted and the kids played together more than what we would have had if we had had the TV and the charged phones to scroll through, party or no party, because let’s be honest these day electronics are never out of sight for long.

This statement is ironic (as I type on my laptop) but without electronics to distract the day of the party or this week, in the evenings at the seaside as my Dad watches those shite true movies (sorry Dad!) I have been so much more productive. I am writing more, I even started my second novel this week, and I am doing workouts every night once I get the twins to bed, it is strangely motivating.


Distractions are just that distractions. Alot of the time distractions are intentional and welcome, but we all see it now, the over reliance on devices, the incorrect use of the infinite information we have available through our fingers.  I watched my Dad do a crossword today and asked him how long it took him to do one, it depends was the reply. Each days’ puzzle is different, varying in difficulty and takes time, they aren’t instant. Everything is instant these days.  When was the last time you didn’t reach for your phone to “Google” that guy that was in that movie that you and a friend don’t agree on the name?  We are getting mind lazy I think and I am guilty of this myself.

The routine of life is distracting. And there is nothing more distracting, as much as I love it,that is being a working mother, a wife and me. The perfect balance doesn’t exist, or if it does I have not figured it out as of yet. But I am willing now to not feel guilty to give myself more time to achieve a better balance.  I feel I am through the hazy early parenting years and can now let that breath out a little and work with distraction, use it to focus me and drive me.

I am sure laziness will kick in and I will crave sitting mindlessly in front of the T.V whilst scrolling on my fully charged phone  but I am making a promise to myself that at least twice a week that I completely unplug every evening after the kids bedtime and continue what I have started. My 40th is fast looming therefore my deadline is too and I’d like to know I have given it my best shot.




*image from Pixabay

One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Friday fashion.

I am away with the kids at the moment at the seaside and taking a little break from browsing online or visiting shops this week . However I still managed to find some nice bits to show you this week courtesy of a need for a toilet stop from the twins and the need to stock the fridge to keep their ever increasing demands for food at bay!

So I found myself back at Tesco, and a Tesco where right in the middle of the fruit and veg I was able to spot two sales rails of kids clothes- see it does good to eat healthily!


For boys as I had covered alot from last weeks Friday Fashion for boys the stock was pretty much the same, however I pick up these denim shorts in the next size up for next Summer. I got these for B a few weeks back and they are so comfortable I was delighted to find them in the sale. I love this bright and summery shirt for boys in the sale also. It would match the jean shorts perfectly with the turquoise colouring.20th shirt and shorts sale fruit and veg

I love this little rock and roll T for boys aswell instore in the new stock section, it felt really soft and would be gentle on skin, the fab pattern is a bonus!20th rock and roll t

For herself, if she doesn’t want to dress up as Belle 24/7 but still wants to wear more outside friendly Beauty and the beast merchandise then Tesco have these girls dresses currently.20th tesco b&b dresses


What I absolutely loved from their new collection was these cat motif clothing pieces. The knit cardigan is really cute with the cat pockets, and the lightness of the knit means it will carry through from now to Autumn easy.  And how adorable is the pink and grey cat shift dress

20th girls cat stuff.


And for Mammy this week, It’s all about bags this week.  I have lusted over these bags ever since F&F @ Tesco started popping these up on my social media feeds,asking me to pick a colour.

Now given these bags are in the sale, with a variety of colours left, I want the pink and yellow, no white, no blue…….  There is a shoulder strap aswell as the original clutch hang handle, the bags are a decent size too , and on sale more importantly!


20th handbags


I spotted this bag in the new stock aisle and thought this would be a great festival/event bag. The black and star design is lovely and a crossbody  bag is essential for heading to festivals/gig.


.20th star bag

Happy Friday everyone, I hope whatever your plans are that they are happy ones. xx

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